Cold Weather

J Crew Cocoon Coat

I am the laziest when it comes to dressing for the winter. I’d actually prefer to stay indoors and wear yoga pants than anything else. Unfortunately, life and work calls… and I do have to venture outside.
Now, chances are, if you’ve met with me in NYC outside I was probably wearing some variance of this. I mean really, this is what I wear almost every time I have to meet with someone. Tights, fluted skirt, and some kind of grey sweater. Every. Time. I may attempt to mix it up while I’m standing in front of my closet, and I always go back to the basics.
I do not feel chic when I’m freezing, so this is as good as I can get it.
Remember when I was looking for a beanie? I ended up getting a pom pom one and this little knitted guy from J. Crew. I feel like a dork wearing hats, but I think it’s actually kind of cute! 
Photos by Bekka Palmer
Beanie + Gloves // Cocoon Coat // Monogrammed Crossbody (c/o) // Sweatshirt (old, love this one though!) // Fluted Skirt // Tights // Booties (c/o)

You will probably see me in some variation of this until July. Ha! Do you have a favorite cold-weather outfit?

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Marissa Vessels

What an amazing coat! I love how you've paired it with everything to create such a comfortable-yet-totally-acceptable-for-work outfit! (Oh and, I totally feel the same way about being lazy! Except, being in the Bay Area, it's the rain that gets me. That commute to work can be killer!)

Makin' it with Marissa


My cold weather outfit is usually a fit and flare dress with tights, but then I layer up with a cardigan and an infinity scarf as well as knee-high socks underneath tall boots. Throw on a coat, mittens, and a toque/beanie and you're set for all the cold!

Sweet Spontaneity


From November until April, I wouldn't dare step outside (Boston, MA) without fleece leggings or fleece tights on under my clothes! Fleece leggings are great under pants, and fleece tights are great under tights which of course are for skirts and dresses. Game changer. Trust me!

Jenn Specketer

Oh yes, I have the cold weather uniform. It's normally my long, camel duster coat, a pair of black leggings, a tee/ls tee/sweater underneath depending on how cold it is, and a scarf that will cover up the fact that it might actually be an old tee from high school that I've thrown on to run errands. The long coat pretty much covers everything underneath and that's fine with me. I'm not taking the coat off anyways. Some might also call this "Beyond Lazy"!
xo, Jenn
Jenn Inspired

Kate M.

Definitely a go-to winter uniform!! Quick outfit question – what do you wear to an informational interview? I'm in the middle of a job transition and doing a TON of info interviews in NYC currently, with friends, acquaintances, and friends of friends. How "formal" do you dress – or how "interview-y"? I obviously don't want to be too casual and want to be presentable without trying too hard. HELP!