8 Classic Holiday Treats

OMG… how good do all of these recipes from Louisa sound?? I think the overnight eggnog French toast tops my list of things I want to try. (I’ve actually never had eggnog before, now that I’m thinking about it.) But I’ve never met a French toast that I didn’t like!

8 Classic Holiday Treats

Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou

I love baking for the holidays, it’s so much fun to not only spend a day baking but also to see the joy on the faces of my family and friends when I present my annual holiday cookie platter or any other baked good during the month of December. I make a couple of the same cookies year after year, but I also like to throw in two or three new varieties for an extra surprise.

Here are eight of my favorite, tried-and-true holiday recipes that will be perfect for any holiday occasion!

1. Overnight eggnog French toast

Say hello to your Christmas morning brunch! Prep this the night before and you’ve got brunch in your pocket. Challah bread with a simple custard made with eggs and eggnog is all it takes to add some holiday flair to your favorite brunch.

  1. 2. Hazelnut shortbread bars with chai tea glaze

One of the simplest desserts are these shortbread bars! I like to make my own chai tea simple syrup to add to the batter itself and also for the glaze on top. Finish off with some toasted hazelnuts and you’ve got a sophisticated, yet simple holiday dessert.

  1. 3. Chocolate Pecan Palmiers

Palmiers (or elephant ears as I called them as a kid) are really easy to make because I use frozen puff pastry which means that all you’re really doing is assembling!

  1. 4. Chai spiced sugar cookies

I think I have a thing for chai-spiced desserts! These are your classic round, melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies with chai spices in the batter.

  1. 5. Chocolate peppermint cookies

I love these because I use red and white peppermint M&Ms in the batter to add a ton of holiday vibrancy. I also just love chocolate and peppermint and I don’t think you can go wrong with these.

  1. 6. Chewy ginger molasses cookies

These give the Starbucks ginger molasses cookies a run for their money. I make these cookies every single year without fail.

  1. 7. Whole wheat gingerbread muffins

A perfect baked treat that isn’t quite a dessert but is the perfect snack to have on hand throughout the holiday season.

  1. 8. Chocolate peppermint cookies

These are basically like a little sugar cookie that you roll out and cut into circles (or whatever holiday shape you like)! Finished off with a white chocolate, peppermint drizzle, and crushed candy canes.

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Omg those hazelnut shortbread cookies sound so good! My favorite Christmas cookies to make every year are these butter cookies that we use a cookie press so shape like Christmas trees, and we use almond extract instead of vanilla extract so they have a delicious almondyness to them and they melt in your mouth. It’s not Christmas until I’ve made those cookies!

Southern & Style

I’m all about chai & eggnog flavors this time of year (I actually just had a chai tea, eggnog latte!) I can’t believe you’ve never tried eggnog before-you definitely must before the season is over!

xoxo, SS

Southern and Style