A Cozy Christmas Morning

I have very limited drawer space, so I keep all of my pajamas in my nightstand. There are two shelves inside the stand, so it actually works perfectly… I think the only problem is that I have too many pajamas. A friend was over recently, and we somehow got onto the topic of pajamas. He had zero pairs, his wife had a few pieces she hodgepodged together to make pajamas, and I admitted that I had an entire nightstand worth. It’s the world’s dumbest luxury, but I just think there’s something so lovely about putting on a cozy, matching set of pajamas. I have a ton of summer-weight pajamas and then another batch of winter pajamas. I switch between the two sets when I have to switch from air conditioning to heat and vice versa.

These black watch pajamas are ones that I have had for…. I think four years now. I saw that they were available again this year and thought they were the perfect centerpiece for this sponsored post with Nordstrom!

(They’re almost all sold out right now, boo, BUT I found a nearly identical pair if your size is sold out!)

Vineyard Vines Tartan

I also couldn’t resist incorporating two of my favorite things, which I got in red for this post: Birdies slippers and a silk sleep mask.

Slip Sleep Mask

I have a feeling these sleep masks are going to be the gift of the year. I have had many sleep masks over the years, but they usually really hurt my ears. (I know that’s so strange, but the elastic always ends up slipping and pressing against the top of where my ear meets my head…. if that makes sense!) The silk sleep mask feels so good and I actually wake up in the morning with it still on! And no dents in my hair 🙌🏻

Silk Sleep Mask Review

These slippers are SO cute and fun for the winter. I don’t really walk around barefoot– especially when the hardwood floors are freezing– and the fluffy slides are a chic upgrade to your usual house slipper.

Birdies  Carly the Prepster Puppies

I also have to note, Ham and Ted were unusually cooperative during the shoot. I’m typically lucky if I get one or two photos of them where they’re holding still, but I think the pajamas (in the middle of the day, haha) made them think it was time for bed or something. They were SO cuddly. Hamilton, as you can see above, nestled in for a little snuggle. I think he believes himself to be an actual human child.

Carly the Prepster Dogs   Black Watch Pajamas

I also wanted to share my favorite way of wearing pajama bottoms in a more “acceptable” daytime way: just swap the top for a sweater. It’s just as comfortable as full-blown pajamas but it’s slightly more styled. Plus it’s warmer.

Popcorn Sweater

Black Watch Pajamas (similar, available in more sizes) // Slippers // Sleep Mask // Sweater // Ugg Boots // Lip Color: “Punch”

Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!

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I too have the Slip Mask and LOVE it. I bought the navy blue one as I believed it would block out more light (I am very sensitive to light), but was wondering if the lighter colours were as efficient. Thank you!

Hannah J Simpson

I like to wear a sweater over my matching sets like Harry Potter does in The Sorcerer’s Stone movie. 😅 I love the little collar sticking out over the neck of the sweater.