A Sunny Disposition

I bought this dress in both colors– navy (of course) and the yellow. Not all yellows are the same and this is a good one. Bright and warm. Feels perfect for late summer and will look cute with sneaks and a denim jacket into the fall.

It’s such a colorful dress and honestly when I put it on the first time I had an instant mood boost. I thought I’d round up some of the things making me happy right now:

–  Making iced lattes at home has been a game-changer. I’ve been making one to bring out to our front porch and I sit out there for thirty minutes reading or sometimes just sitting… rocking in one of the rocking chairs. So relaxing.

– Sweating every day with at-home workouts between Peloton rides, barre with my girl Chrissy, and Melissa Wood Health body weight classes.

– Taking the dogs to the park again! We stopped going for a while because the parks were packed and I didn’t feel super safe, but now the crowds have leveled back out and we’ve been going a few times a week. They get so tired– it’s the best.

– Volunteering every week at our local food bank has been so rewarding.

– Checking in on our garden every day. (And by every day, I mean every hour 😝) Mike has led the way in the whole thing so I can take absolutely zero credit for the green thumb. I put the garden boxes together– that was the extent of my contribution. Our jalapeños are doing great, the cucumbers are coming in, our squash is starting to really take shape, and our bell peppers are POPPING right now. What a thrill!

– Watching Great British Bake Off. I’ve watched one season before, but recently got back into it. It’s the perfect show to watch right now. I love how nice and polite they are despite being under stress and in a competition. It’s very reassuring. And watching people knead dough and decorate pastries is just what the doctor ordered!


One last note about this dress. It runs very large. I originally ordered my usual J. Crew size (XS) and couldn’t believe how big it was. Reviews trickled in and confirmed that it runs big. I recommend sizing down at least one size, potentially two if you don’t have a big chest. It does have an oversized fit in general (which is all I want to wear nowadays), but trust me: size down.

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A Girl, A Style

Absolutely ADORE this happy, sunny dress on you! And could not agree more about homemade iced lattes and binging on the Great British Bakeoff (I had never really seen it before, and we’ve gone through all 10 seasons since lockdown began); it is the perfect comforting watch right now, and has inspired us to be more adventurous with our own baking efforts (which in itself has been so soothing and satisfying).

Briony xx

Lisa Mari

I love this yellow dress on you and I really enjoy making iced lattes at home right now too 💛


Carly, I love making iced lattes at home with my Nespresso and Oat Milk! I saw on your Instagram sometime over the last two weeks that you didn’t realize you could make iced lattes at home. I was laughing so hard!! Don’t miss out anymore! Awesome post. 💜


Hi Carly, where is your kitchen mat from (in the first picture)? I tried to search your site and couldn’t find it. Thanks!


You’re right, not all yellows are created equal, but this one is beautiful and I think it’ll transition to fall nicely!

Side note — also been looking for a good espresso maker and seriously digging the one you have. Thanks for the recommendation!


I hope you’re well! Would you ever consider doing a guest post with Mike about the garden? I love following along with Thomas on Gal Meets Glam but I think you guys are more at the stage I am. I’d love to see your process and any tips/tricks. Thanks!