Ali Cayne’s Kitchen

When I moved into my apartment two years ago, it was perfect for me. One bedroom, a dishwasher, my own bathroom, and lots of light. As far as my 22 year old self was concerned, it was really all I could ever ask for and more. I had spent the past four years living in tiny dorms and even spent one semester sharing a room with Little V and Tucker (the dog). Kitchens and bathrooms were always shared…
I renewed  the lease on my apartment last September because I didn’t want to move and my needs hadn’t changed quite yet. My lease is up on my 25th birthday and the things I need and want in an apartment have absolutely changed.
Now that I work from home, I spend so much time in the apartment that I start to go stir crazy. My desk is about two feet away from my bed and I’d love to have room for a really big, comfortable couch in the living room.
And kitchen. A real kitchen.
Please note, I definitely not be able to afford this in the city. A girl can dream, right? (Or move.)

The kitchen is topping my list of “wants” in an apartment… and it might actually be a need. It’s so difficult to cook when a) my coffee pot takes up the entirety of my counter space, b) my stove/oven freaks me out, c) I have literally no space to actually store pots/pans of any size. At this point, I’d settle for room for a toaster!
Cue major kitchen envy. Ali Cayne’s kitchen is pretty much everything. The subway tile, the bold range hood, the hardware, and, of course, the open space and bright light.
I just love this view of the island.

Really quite gorgeous right? Makes me want a beautiful kitchen even more.
It really is interesting to see how just a year and a half (plus some change) can make a difference in what is needed in an apartment. Ordering delivery and going out every night can apparently get old! Maxie and I talked about this last week when she was in town. We both mentioned that we felt like we wanted to “nest.” Live in one, nearly perfect place for a while and really call it home.
Is there something in an apartment/house you think for sure you’d want?


PS Generally speaking there are three things you can have in a NYC apartment… space, location, and price. But you can only pick two!

PPS I’m also jealous of Ali Cayne’s bathroom!

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Taylor Hoffman

I have always dreamed of living in New York but I have always heard that space, price, and location are an issue. Good luck in finding something new! Keep us posted:)

xo, Taylor

Alexandra Steinmetz

A large kitchen with lots of light is a MUST for my next place. Right now my brooklyn apartment is cute, with lots of storage space, livable room, and a backyard. It was everything I wanted when I moved to NYC, but now, I'd settle for a smaller space with a LOT of natural light and a good kitchen! It's funny how much our needs change as we get older!

Ani Danielle

Whoa this is a beautiful kitchen. I live in a tiny studio so I can definitely appreciate a large kitchen. I don't even have a stove or oven… and a dishwasher? psh forgetaboutit.
I also have a new appreciation for a roomy bathtub/shower combo. Right now I have the smallest stand-up shower, and it makes shaving my legs nearly impossible. I’m dreading the upcoming shorts-and-dresses season.
xxAni @ The Ani Project

Connie B

What a beautiful kitchen! I hope to live in a place someday with a big kitchen that constantly has tons of natural light flowing in. I'm a big sucker for natural light!

Constance || Prep Northwest

Andrea Ruiz

This kitchen is e v e r y t h i n g. My house is actually perfect, I live in a shared apartment and my roomie and I get along perfectly. From a student's point of view (and budget) our kitchen is on a Martha Stewart's level, which is the best part of all. I'd love, though, a bigger room where I can fit a little couch+table. That'd be just wonderful.
Andy Savor each bite

Cara B

This is gorgeous! And I feel you on the small kitchen thing. My student housing apartment's kitchen is so small, we only have 1 little square of counter space, none of the 4 of us that live in it ever really use it

Erica Dudley

I love the color of the kitchen cabinets. I am doing a kitchen remodel and this is the exact color I am looking to do but cannot seem to find the color name anywhere. Any idea what color that is?