It makes me kind of sad to post these photos… Really missing Florida! Sometimes I post outfits that are special occasion looks that I wear when I need to get dressed up for something special… This outfit though? If I said I wore it three times in one week would you judge me?! Honestly, the dress is absolutely hands down the most comfortable thing. Easy to throw on and looks like I actually spent time getting ready.
I’ve thrown it on to run to a coffee meeting and to complete some errands in the afternoon and even for a casual al fresco dinner. I’m a huge fan of shirt dresses, but they’re not great in the summer when I get sweaty and wrinkly. This dress though is the best material. Kind of like a bathing suit? It lays perfectly and is COOL even in the hottest of temperatures. (Officially tested in the Florida heat.)
I’ve been swapping shoes in and out. Jack Rogers (metallic looks so cute) and ballet flats when I need to look a bit more put together. My old ballet flats were looking rough, so I upgraded to these. I feel like I’m a ballerina in these beauties. Beyond comfortable with literally no blisters… ever.

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Do you have a dress in your closet that you could and would wear every day?

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