All Dressed Up, Nowhere to Go

About twice a week, I have the energy and motivation to put on “real” clothes. Other than that, I’m hanging out in casual things. Because of this, what I’m buying clothing-wise has changed quite a bit. I’m not buying much at all, but if I do buy something it falls under the “cozy” category.

With an exception: This linen dress. If you remember, last year, I bought a white linen dress from Theory (thanks for the tip that the dress is significantly marked down on Nordstrom Rack!). It’s definitely an investment, but I think Theory does such a great job with fit and quality that it’s 100% worth investing in if you can (and want to, of course). Especially as I get older, I feel like I have a better sense of what I want to invest in… and what I want to wear wardrobe-wise. While I do love a good print, especially for vacations, I think I feel my absolute best when I’m wearing a solid, well-tailored dress. After I bought the white dress, I started to keep my eye out for a black version to add into the rotation. I spotted this one– it’s 30% off right now 💃🏻–and decided to give it a try. I LOVE IT.

I’ve already worn it twice in my backyard just pretending like I’m vacationing.

Please excuse my VERY pale legs. I’m not even sure what’s happening but they seem to be getting paler by the day. The pink/purple tint is from my veins. Trying very hard to stay sun safe and embrace my natural skin, however it may look. But my legs right now… ugh. 

The dress fits true to size. The buttons are functional, which usually would pose a problem for me in the bust. HOWEVER, they put in tiny snaps between the buttons to prevent gaping. Hallelujah. There’s also a good bit of stretch around the neckline so it molds to your shape perfectly. The straps are also adjustable and removable. (Note: my dress came with the straps on backwards so the adjustors were in the front, I thought it was the strangest thing. Luckily I realized I could easily flip them!)

This is a 10/10 for me!

Dress // Shoes // Necklace (c/o)


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Carly! For you legs have you ever tried self tanner? I’ve been trying to avoid the sun as well and hated how plate I looked, recently have tried gradual tanner. I LOVE the results. You can use isle of paradise or tan luxe drops. I have been using tanolology drops. It’s super easy and they don’t make me look orange- it’s more a just a glow. Theres I a range you can get (light to dark) and a range of how much drops you can add.


I love the Jergens Gradual Tan In-Shower Lotion! Error proof, and it does develop into a nice bit of color. I start using it as soon as it warms up enough to wear skirts and dresses here in South Carolina, typically in March!


You are lovely as is!! That said, safe does not = no sun touching you. I know you know vitamin d is the number one disease fighting vitamin. On pub med you can see studies that even with melanoma (which is largely genetic, not lifestyle) those who got more sun and vitamin d had better outcomes. You really can get a responsible tan and have a nice healthy glow and bolster your immune system without baking yourself!!!!


Yes! I still get plenty of vitamin D, but there is a VERY fine line for me of getting vitamin d and getting a sunburn. I have to be super careful because my skin is fair and sensitive

Marie M.

Love the look! Could you tell us how you take care of your linens? Dry clean, hand wash, machine wash?

Also I agree with the commenter who said you need some sun. My doctor has me taking Vitamin D because I’m not getting enough sun. You can ask your doctor to check your D level with a blood test. Good idea to do it.


I love this dress! Pale is pretty. That’s my motto! You look lovely, as always.


So pretty! And I don’t think you have to apologize for pale legs, there is no reason everyone should have tan legs. Beauty comes in all kinds <3


Hi! Great dress! Have you tried Sally Hansen’s airbrush legs? Foolproof and washes right off!


McKenna Ramona Jennings

I feel you on trying to stay sun safe! It doesn’t take too long for my skin to get color, even with sunblock on so I have to be very careful. I’m also not a big fan of self tanner.. but I may have to give in!



Find out about ur blog an hr ago through ur YouTube video on “ blogging tips” from 2 years ago. Love the tips and advice. Been wanting to try to start a blog for awhile and with the lockdown in my country right now, why not take this time to start. Thank you for inspiring 🙂


I have such a hard time getting my legs tan! I spend lots of time in the sun and my legs never tan. I’ve been like that since I was a little girl. My upper body on the other hand is extremely tan. I think its just a thing. No need to defend yourself – you’re beautiful the way you are!