I need to start this post by saying, I am shocked we were able to have a baby shower for our boy at all. When we found out we were expecting, I couldn’t imagine our life looking any different than it did at the time. We skipped all of the usual wedding things (no bachelorette/bachelor parties, no engagement party, no friends at our wedding, etc.) and I figured we’d be in the same boat for the baby. Even when we initially started thinking about the shower, I figured it would have to be virtual.

But slowly but surely vaccines were widely available here and all of my friends opted in and we could make it happen!!!! In person! Honestly, at this point, I was just so excited to have an excuse to get most of my friends under one roof and to see them again after such a long, long year of missing them.


The baby shower ended up being perfect. It was so beautiful and special celebrating this new life, and the fact that I hadn’t seen so many of my friends in a while made it that much more special.

Ashley, my sister in laws, and my sister threw the shower and every single detail was perfect. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Almost everyone was able to attend– we missed a handful of my out-of-state friends and my brother-in-law’s wife– but I was also kind of shocked just how many of my friends were able to make the trip! Again, I felt so loved.

To try to make it as easy as possible for my friends who were traveling, I wanted to have it in New York City. I figured then people could make it a NYC trip and come to the shower as part of the trip, instead of feeling like they needed to travel out to the suburbs and be bored 😅 And it was easy for all of my NJ people to make it into the city. I think it was the right decision!

Once Ashley and I started chatting “baby shower,” my immediate thought was MAMAN!

It’s one of my favorite cafes in the city… plus they love blue and white as much as I do…. and it seems quite apropos that maman is French for “mama.” Like, could it be more perfect for a baby shower???

I have to sing maman’s high praises too– it’s such a great option for an event space if you’re looking. The staff was so sweet, the food was delicious (I mean, matcha dipped croissants and croque “maman” sandwich wedges?!), and the space felt cozy and comfortable.

Okay, here comes lots of photos. Ashley’s husband Ryan took a bunch before the shower and then Kelly snapped a bunch during the baby shower for our boy!

nautical themed baby shower invitations

Ashley did all the invitations herself.

She hand painted the sailboat and then even gifted the baby the original painting for the nursery. Seriously so thoughtful!!! If there’s anyone who can inspire with baby shower decoration ideas for a boy, it’s Ashley.

nautical themed baby shower

nautical themed baby shower

baby shower decoration ideas for boy

Ashley also put together these beautiful candles for everyone to take home– so perfect for a nautical themed baby shower.

nautical themed baby shower



how to hold a baby shower

baby shower 2021  baby shower 2021 holding events and parties in 2021     MAMAN coffee

cake for baby shower

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So adorable! I recently got to see some of my friends in person again so I get how great it feels after so long apart. Ashley did such a great job with the invitations and the restaurant is gorgeous!


Twenty people were able to come to this! (But in full disclosure, my mom and her friends threw a shower for me in Florida last month and I’m having another one with my MIL in NJ in July.)

Christine S.

This looks so perfect! Absolutely beautiful details. I’m very happy you were able to have an in-person shower.

Kimberley Hause-Swales

Such a beautiful shower Carly. You can tell that your friends and family put a lot of love and attention into it. Such a lovely memory!


This turned out SO beautifully! Wow, what an event! I think the on-theme latte art might be the most impressive detail!!!!