The Best Blow Dryer Ever.

You know that age-old question: If there was one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be and why?
Now… I’m not one of those “Oh I’m perfect just the way I am” or “I wouldn’t change a thing” kind of girls.  I know exactly what I would change… in a heartbeat.
My hair.
Sure, as I’ve grown older I have learned to appreciate my hair more… but I still have my unruly hair moments.  I only wash my hair every other day since it’s so thick and tends to dry out with over washing.  For that, I am thankful.  But I absolutely dread mornings when I can’t don my (super dorky, yet charming) shower cap.  I literally lie awake at night planning out how quickly I can get my hair dried and straightened in the morning.
In high school, I used to take a shower at night so that my hair could dry by the morning and I could straighten without blow drying.  (It also might have had something to do with my 5:45 am alarm clock…)  Now that I’m a bit older, I relish my morning showers to clear my head for the day.
But this still leaves the most annoying part of my morning routine: blow drying my hair.  Twenty minutes wasted under scalding hot heat that I can just feel ruining my hair with every passing second.  Sadly, this is not even me being melodramatic here.
Enter the best blow dryer ever:
The HANA Air Professional Hair Dryer is the mack daddy of blow dryers. sent me one a few months ago to test out and share my thoughts with y’all.  It is amazing.  Of course, I was skeptical.  I have a perfectly good $30 blow dryer from Target that does its job.  I was blown away (hehe) by the sheer power of the HANA Air blow dryer.  It BLASTS my hair dry in no time at all.
Things I like about it:
– There are little rubber nubs on both sides (good for lefties and righties!) so that when you lay it down on the counter it has something to rest on.  This isn’t something I would necessarily think to include on a hair dryer, but it’s a little thing that I just love!
– It’s not exactly “hot.”  Sounds like a bad thing?  Nope.  It dries with power as opposed to just heat.  I feel like this has to be healthier for my poor hair, right?
– The cord is twelve feet long.  Twelve.  This is great for my dorm room, as the outlets are never by the mirror!  I can plug it in on one side, but blow dry on the other.
– I think the weight and size are perfect.  Not too small, but definitely not bulky.  Kind of like Goldilocks… just right 🙂
What’s the NUMBER ONE thing I love about it?
I can blow dry my hair in NINE minutes.  NINE!!!!  It used to take twenty!!!!!!  I cannot even begin to describe how happy this makes me.  Time is money, people…. time is money.  If I blow dry my hair four times a week, I save 44 minutes every week.  That is one whole episode of Dance Moms!
And how do you know it’s really the best blow dryer in the house?  Despite the fact that we have five blow dryers in our house… it’s the only one my mom, sister, and I want to use!
[Funny side story: Soccer Mom was panicking on Christmas day about not having enough time to cook, clean, and shower before company arrived… and she literally repeated to herself over and over again, “I will use Car’s blow dryer and have five extra minutes.”  It only takes about four minutes for her hair to dry with it!]
A huge THANK YOU to for sending me the blow dryer.  I love it. 

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Love it. Need it. Want to try it. My hair takes 30 minutes to blowdry and then I have to straighten it afterwards. It's an absolute nightmare every morning.

xx Emily @


Oh man, I have super thick hair. I even get it thinned every time I get a trim. Even with the thinning, it takes about 20 minutes to blow dry my hair. Def. looking into this!

little miss southern love.

Laughing out loud at your mom's comment! I have a CHI dryer that i've had since freshman yr of college and it still does the job. I have quite a bit of hair also. When mine bites the dust this might be the next one I try because I have heard great things about it.



nice, but I prefer the Karmin Salon Pro Professional Hair Dryer which is the best one I've tried and it keeps my hair soft, shiny and with volume, I love it !! 😀