Can I share a little secret with you guys?  Teeth absolutely terrify me.  I have reoccurring dreams of my teeth falling out.  I hate the dentist.  I’ve had a strange history with oral surgeries.  Ughhhhh.  I shudder to even think about some of the things that I’ve gone through with my teeth.
Because of this, I am an obsessive tooth brusher and flosser.  I even limit the number of times I allow myself to floss a day… because otherwise it can get out of hand.
But… I am also an obsessive coffee drinker.  And with every passing day I felt like my teeth were getting more and more discolored.  My whole family had their teeth whitened at the dentist, but I skipped out.  (I do not need an extra reason to visit him, thank you very much.)
Of course, this left me with a choice.
Should I make a new New Year’s Resolution to give up coffee?  Hahahahaha…. I know, I know.  Who am I kidding.  Not happening.
So I came up with a new one: Taking back the Teeth Two Thousand Twelve.
I was really willing to try anything that didn’t involve the dentist, and I think I found the solution on Try #1.  Ready?  The Arm & Hammer Challenge.  Have you seen the commercials?  I guess I saw a few too many of them over break.  While I was in the toothpaste aisle of the grocery store, I was instantly drawn to the Arm & Hammer toothpastes.  I picked one up (Baking Soda and Peroxide) and decided to give it a try.
My teeth are whiter after half a week!!!  No exaggeration.  I like how they’re whiter, but not unnaturally so.  (We’ve all seen those girls with teeth so white they look blue…).  The paste even makes the edges of my teeth look whiter, which in my opinion is the hardest places to fix!
Needless to say, I am smiling a whole lot more!
[For the record, I am not getting free toothpaste from A&H or being paid in anyway… Although, if they want to send me some, I wouldn’t turn it away haha…]
PS This may be the weirdest post I’ve ever written… but I just had to share!

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Omg. This is perfect. I have the same nightmares about teeth. I can't stand it!! I was thinking the same thing… "do I need a resolution on teeth?" Anyway, thanks for that suggestion.. I'm going to pick up that tooth paste!

High school Prep

Great! I've been looking for something like this for a while now. I haven't seen the commercials. And, those white strips do nothing for me. I should probably pick one up 🙂


I just started using A&H toothpaste about two
months ago, and I would have to say I've definitely seen results!

Whitney (observantturtle)

I'm not much of a coffee drinker but I do love to drink soda and it's really bad for my teeth! I definitely want to try this toothpaste out. I have to have nice white teeth while looking for a job!


I use Tom's of Maine and have always been pleased! My teeth are naturally pretty white though; it's weird, I even get compliments on them sometimes!

Claire Peucker

haha I love this post! I'm exactly the same about teeth and the dentist. I absolutely dread going. And I'm a coffee drinker like you. Maybe I should try something like this too!

Elias C.M

Yeah that's my fear also Carly.I also recommend the listerine whitening mouthwash.I use it after a sip of coffee.I'm going to buy that arm & hammer toothpaste.

Mrs.K loves pink and green

I also have nightmares that all my teeth start falling out and I am a compulsive flosser.I carry floss with me everywhere!! I'am glad to know I'am not alone…I will also have to try the A&H toothpaste.Thanks for the info…ADORE YOUR BLOG….

Scarlett Burroughs

I used to have this dream often – that my teeth were falling out. I read somewhere it represents a fear of aging. Maybe some truth to it, cause now that I am older those dreams have stopped.


Yes! Thank you! I was wondering if A & H toothpaste really worked!! I will definitely be buying some soon!


i'm currently using a whitening toothpaste from a more expensive brand, go smile, and my teeth are a little lighter but not much… maybe i'll try this out 😀


Try dipping your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide a couple times a week and brush your teeth, then brush your teeth normally. Works like a dream!


The tooth past will remove some of the surfsce stains especially after years of drinking coffee, they will look whiter after just a few days. To whiten your teeth further you will need to use a professional gel visit