The Best Instagram Videos

I have mixed feelings about Instagram video. I really actually like Vine. Instagram is artsy, whereas Twitter is, well, anything goes. So with Vine I never really felt any pressure. Six seconds to show something funny going on in my life? Great.
Fifteen seconds to show a filtered beautiful video? I don’t have the creativity for that. Nope.
I also think that Instagram video can be annoying sometimes. The sound, for one, bothers me. And half of the time it doesn’t load on my phone. And… unless you have a ridiculously adorable puppy or a seriously cute baby… I won’t take the time to load it.
Rachel Ryle’s Instagram account has changed my mind.
She is amazing.
Okay Rachel Ryle. YOU ROCK.
Go send Rachel some “double tap” love on Instagram!

PS Let me know who your favorite Instagram accounts to follow are!
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I LOVE instagram (@kellytoupsrd), but I usually scroll right through the videos. These are super creative, but I still can't see myself posting a video anytime soon.

A Liu

that was SO COOL!
I absolutely love your blog! you inspired me to start my own. if you ever have some free time please let me know what you think!