Five Uses for Mason Jars

At home in Florida, we had no shortage of Mason jars. While I’m attempting to get my apartment in order, I realized that I needed a few Mason jars. The uses for Mason jars are seemingly endless. Whether you have an idea in mind or have no idea, I think it’s a great idea to have a couple around just in case.
I wasn’t really sure where to get Mason jars in the city. Isn’t it funny that in a city with a million stores and just about everything under the moon, it can be a challenge to find just what you’re looking for? My method? Keep things in mind knowing you’ll eventually run into it… probably in the most unlikely place.
While I was searching for spray paint (for a will-never-see-the-light-of-day-DIY), I found a whole section of Mason jars. Score. I brought home eight and immediately set out to figure out what to do with them.

I think that flowers in jars are just about the sweetest things. There’s something super homey and good about a bouquet in a jar. While I like to have unusual vases (like tankards), simple displays of flowers are so much easier and much less pretentious. I grabbed a few different bunches of flowers (don’t ask me to name them, I’m terrible at that) and made up a few quick bouquets. Easy.

Margaritas, iced coffee, sassy water, and… well anything else that you fancy. This is weird, but everyone in the office is doing a water challenge and they’re drinking HUGE jars of water every day. You don’t have to be that crazy, but jars do make cute glasses, especially for parties! (I’m not the biggest fan of drinking with the ridges of the lip, but add in a cute paper straw and I’m game.)

I think that Mason jars could be used in so many ways for organization. I store all of my makeup brushes and eyeliners and mascaras in the jars. It’s so much easier than throwing them into cosmetic cases or just in drawers because you can easily see what you need.

Because jars are see-through (duh), they are great for collections. On my desk in Florida, I have a jar full of my old hair ribbons. Of course, I don’t wear them anymore. But I love them too much to get rid of them! I rolled them up and stuffed the jar. Seashells from vacations would be cute in medium sized jars. Buttons in tiny jars would be great too!

I seriously wish I had pictures of some of the gifts I’ve given with Mason jars. Now, the options are endless with what you can do. When I was in high school, I would spend the time from Thanksgiving to Christmas cross-stitching lids for my friends! One year, I did pink lids with red/green monograms… and a jars of pink/red/green M&Ms. Another year, it was hot chocolate and another had ingredients for sugar cookies. So many ways to go with this!

What do you think of Mason jars? What do you use them for?


PS Have you seen this light fixture? Love.

PPS This is a cool feature on the Mason jar in the New York Times.

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I love all your ideas! For gifts do you usually give edibles inside? or other gift-y things? I would love if you did a blog post on thank you gifts, and birthday gifts, etc!

🙂 Lots of blog love!

AJ | TheAJMinute


I just love using mason jars as vase! It is so pretty and sweet:). Also I love the make up brush idea!



I LOVE drinking out of mason jars!! & I also love that more and more bars/restaurants are becoming a little hipster in that way by serving drinks in mason jars — it just makes you feel a little country even in a big city like LA.

xo, B


They're great as a way to pack your salad for lunch, savings for something small, or to store dried flowers that have some meaning to you. For example, I store my dried corsage in a mason jar. Cleaner, and clear so can I look at them when I'm feeling nostalgic 🙂


Ace hardware – 130 4th ave is where you can find mason jars! At least where I found some the last time I was there!


Love all of these ideas! I am a big fan of drinking out of them with a pretty straw!




The cross stitched lids idea definitely may have inspired this year's Christmas's never too early right?



i have an embarrassing amount of blue mason jars. i love them. they make such cute drinking glasses when paired with a striped straw!

Stephanie Bartolomé

I've been obsessed with Mason jars lately. No, for real. I squealed like a fan girl every time I saw them until I finally bought a few on a random trip to the Container Store last week. With apartments in NYC being as small as they are, I really liked that I could buy a few loosies instead of the 12-packs at Target.


Oh my goodness the possibilities are endless with a mason jar! My favorite is probably individual strawberry shortcakes in a mason jar. Around my house I have three in the bathroom each for: makeup sponges, Q-tips and cotton balls. In our spare bathroom I have two filled with sea shells. I have one that holds old outdoor Christmas lights (year round, I just love it so much). Probably the most useful thing, using it as a magic bullet on the blender…this makes smoothies so much easier!

Kristie C.

I love these ideas. I'm a big fan of using mason jars in the spring and summer for drinks but I would of never thought of using them for makeup brushes!

One of my friends is pretty crafty. He cuts out a shape like a star or a heart, then uses it as a stencil, and paints the entire jar. When he's done painting he takes the shape off and it leaves a little glass print.

Hailie Baccam

LOVE your posts. I read them everyday!
I recently did a DIY coin jar with an old mason jar. Turned out super cute! I posted some pictures on my blog.

Pierce Gillette

I love using mason jars! I make chia pudding in them and used to use them for protein shakes!
They're also great for sending baked goods to deployed troops. 🙂