[NEW] Kate Spade Agendas

A little birdie told me that Lifeguard Press would be releasing a line of Kate Spade products a few months ago. I was so excited and I’m even more excited now that the Kate Spade agendas have been released!
The one question…. Which to choose?
I’m leaning towards the literary glasses one!
What they look like on the inside:

Which would you choose?
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Oh my gosh, that is a tough choice. Normally I would pick the striped one but that glasses print is way too cute to pass up!


I absolutely love these! I checked them out yesterday and I'm super excited to check out the whole line when it comes in 🙂


Jessica Joyce

At first glance, I didn't realize those were glasses on the cover. But now that I do see it, I LOVE IT! Stripes are a close second. I am, however, an addict to my iPad, so I'll most likely be sticking to that.
Your Friend, Jess

Amy Wills

I've been using the Lilly agenda and I think I'm just missing something when it comes to the concept of a 17 month agenda..
So it starts in August but only goes until December. Which means that we'd either have to wait for them to come out again the following August and be agenda-less or buy a new one before we've used up our current one, wasting a bunch of months.
What am I missing? haha


Personally I like them because it allows you to plan beyond the end of the calendar without having to get a new one ASAP. So if in June, you want to schedule something for September, you can still do so in one calendar and then just transfer those things once you do switch to a new agenda. Might be different for other people, but it works well for me and doesn't create an 'agenda gap'


I was all set to buy the Sarah Pinto planner you posted a few days ago, but now I think I have to go for black and white stripes!


The gold dots and the black stripes are so precious! I've been using Lilly for awhile, but just like a commenter before me, I hate that I either have to buy a new journal before I use up the previous one, or use up the current one and be behind in the new one! Ah. Thanks for sharing!


I wish I would have known! I already ordered my 2014 planner from Graphic Image with my initials, I get one every year in a new color. I am keeping these on file for 2015 for sure.

Anna Selby

I love these but I can't STAND the disconnect between student agenda's and real-world planners (or "adult planners" as I like to call them, haha!) If I wanted to get one of these, I'd have to abandon my student planner halfway through and either spend hours updating the new one or be lost without the previous information I need.

Thus is the struggle of being in the final year of your degree: The TRUE hardships of adulthood are just around the planner! Sigh!

– AK


Even though I already have a planner for this year, I'm totally eyeing these up. The glasses pattern is really cute!

Caroline Voisine

I just ordered the gold polka dots to match my iphone case! I can't wait, everyone i know has Lilly Pulitzer agendas it will be nice to have something different.

Shihaam H

What do you do with old planners? Do you keep them or toss them? I have stockpiled so many over the years, I'm at a loss as to what to do! On the one hand, I want to get rid of them and create more space, and on the other, I want to keep them, coz I'm sentimental like that!!

Shelby Revis

I kind of wish I didn't already have my Lilly one because I'm obsessed with the gold dots. I actually saw the glasses one on the site and it immediately reminded me of you!!

Heather Mill

Love this, but it seems overpriced if the quality is comparable to other Lifeguard Press items. Not sure I'll bite. Maybe if I was still in school, but I don't use a planner too much anymore.