I love a good tote…. a lot. They’re SO versatile! I usually “rotate” through them, using one for a while before switching to another. Since becoming a mom, I’ve also found it’s easiest to keep a dedicated tote stocked with all of Jack’s essentials. Right now, I’m using the striped tote I designed with Neely & Chloe for pickleball. (It was honestly a dream to include three different sizes in our collaboration, plus a completely different leather one!!) After nearly two decades of carrying a tote constantly, I wanted to round up some of the best tote bags in my collection– plus a few I don’t own that are especially cute!

Best Tote Bags




Pamela Munson designs some of the best woven bags and this one with the black grosgrain straps is simple and chic. I styled it with a simple outfit here but it’d be great for throwing your towel, book, sunnies, and wallet into for a day at the beach. Not that I travel that lightly anymore, ha! This next woven one is a little smaller than the traditional tote, but I had to include it. Aren’t the ruffles darling?! Honestly, Loeffler Randall has some of the best tote bags of the season. I can’t even remember how long I’ve had my Longchamp for (at least since 2010!) but it’s AMAZING for travel because it has a zipper and folds up super tightly.

If I were still working in an office, I would definitely consider adding this suede Clare Vivier tote to the mix. It looks SO spacious and I can never resist a stripe! I picked up this leather tote with the accompanying organizer to use as a diaper bag when Jack was born and OMG I don’t know what took me so long. Just get it, trust me.  The real MVP of my wardrobe the past couple of years has been one of my trusty Boat and Totes. They are really durable for the price (the medium is only $35)– and even better, machine washable! I would definitely consider it one of the best tote bags for moms, if just for that reason.

J.McLaughlin is another great place to find woven bags. I honestly don’t need another one, but I love the look of this tote with the weave against the leather. And now for one of the best beach bags of the summer: the navy terry Weezie tote with the cutest ric rac trim!! The hat holding straps are GENIUS. Finally, how could I round up the best tote bags without including my absolute favorite at the moment…. mine! There’s nothing more “me” than blue and white stripes, and I want to point out the quilting as well– it’s REALLY nice in person and I’m so happy with how it turned out!


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