Cape Cod Day 2

Spontaneous trips are not really my forte. Don’t get me wrong, I end up loving them but I also get stressed about what to do, when to do it, and where to go. Garrett is much more go-with-the-flow, which comes in handy for trips like this. I gladly relinquish control and let him take the reigns for planning. 
We spent the first day and night in Chatham and then drove up to Provincetown for the rest of the second day. Chatham was beautiful and Provincetown was just too much fun. So much to do and see. And there was a film festival going on so it was packed. 
Once we got to Provincetown, we parked the car and set off to visit a lighthouse. Now, it didn’t seem like that difficult of a walk, but um… it was. You have to walk across the jetty to get to the lighthouse and the rocks are kind of all over the place. (You can see how far the lighthouse is in the upper right hand corner of the photo above…) I love my new shoes, but they weren’t the right choice for the walk. Had no idea how strenuous it would be!
Also, can you tell that I wasn’t prepared in the sunscreen department. Oy. I have a nice scallop tan line on my legs now…
Once we wrapped up our impromptu hike, we headed into town to find food. The pictures might not show it, but I was dripping with sweat, already sunburned, and starving. We read that The Canteen had lobster rolls and Brussels sprouts, so we rushed right over. Ah-mazing. 
… and who could say no to an ice cream cone to end the day?

Not even going to lie, it’s a good thing we didn’t bring Teddy because he was the only reason why we even came back to the city at all.

Lobster Sweater (+ a cheaper ship wheel version) // Gingham Shirt // Scalloped Shorts (can’t stop wearing these!) // Kate Spade Espadrilles (c/o) // Striped Clutch // Vintage Watch (similar) // Nail Color // Sunglasses

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That is such a cute outfit and perfect for the Cape! I bet you fit right in haha 🙂 The eccentricity of Provincetown is always my favorite – Its just so out there! There is a beautiful National Park there as well that I love.

Annie || Annie N Belle

Audrey Lin

Wearing those layers, it's no wonder you were sweating! But a beautiful outfit 🙂 It would be perfect for the Fourth of July as well 😀 I'm trying to imagine a scallop tan now hahah -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


Oh, I love Chatham + Provincetown! I was just there then traveled to Nauset last month. It was a dream . . .