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This is going to be a bit of a random post, but it’s been top of mind for me lately… especially during the pandemic. I have been so into Facebook Groups. I’ve long been Youtube’s biggest fan for learning new things and while I still go there first, I now have been finding myself heading over to Facebook and learning even more from incredible communities through groups. Some of the groups I’ve been in for a while and some I just recently joined this summer. This is an incredibly unscientific statement but it does feel like more people are posting… presumably because there are less in-person events/resources happening right now? I don’t know!

As with any online community, you can probably find just as much good as you can bad, so it takes some time to find a group that works with your vibe. Some can be downright nutty or have hundreds of posts a day, so generally speaking I turn off all notifications and even remove it from my feed– I’ll only go visit the group when I have a specific question I want to figure out or need inspiration (or even just a burst of confidence).

I just joined an embroidery group (Brother Sewing and PE Embroidery) after someone recommended it to me on Instagram and I swear after being in there for one week I’ve learned so much already. People are ridiculously supportive and will answer any question. You can post a photo of your project or a video of your machine and there is someone in there who can help you troubleshoot an issue or give feedback for a better project. I’m really grateful that I can ask my mom a lot of my sewing questions and sometimes in these groups (because a lot of the people have decades of experience), I feel like you’re learning from a mom. It’s nice!

Maybe this is something everyone has been doing for years and I’m just super late to the game?! I’m LOVING it though.

I even started a Facebook group for blog readers and it’s so incredible to get to know the community more. I feel like before the Facebook group it was a very 1:1 relationship with me and readers… but I love seeing readers from around the country (and world) connecting with each other. Whether someone is looking for an opinion, advice, or just a little bit of support it’s been so freaking cool to see. (I love it! Come join!)

I feel like there is a group for literally anything nowadays. Any interest, hobby, activity, location, whatever. Sometimes I do think “oh maybe I’m the only one this obsessed with XYZ” and then after being in a Facebook group dedicated to XYZ for thirty seconds I am like, “I have found my people.”

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If you’re getting notifications, you click the three dots and say “remove this notification” or “only show posts from my friends.” But if you don’t want them showing up in your feed at all, go to the Facebook group’s homepage and click the three dots on the right (next to the search) and click unfollow group. Then you can just go to the group whenever you want to see what’s going on without having it show up in feed!

Ashley S.

Thanks for the heads up on the Brother group! I’ve owned my Brother embroidery machine for 3 years but have always had to troubleshoot by googling the problem. This will be so much easier!! Thank you!

Kate Scott

I’ve been loving Facebook Groups for the last year or so also. It is pretty much the only reason I’m getting on FB anymore!


I realize you’re not a mom yet… but the Peloton Mom Group on FB is AMAZING. People use it for crowd sourcing pretty much everything. It’s def not exclusive to moms. And they hardly discuss peloton. 😂 it’s overall a really positive group.


Yes, Facebook Groups are amazing! There are a lot of things I dislike about Facebook, but I keep coming back for the groups. I have gotten so many travel tips, pet tips and blogging tips from them and even joined one recently to find out mask wearing establishments in my area. I’ll definitely have to check yours out too!


I don’t have facebook, but during quarantine I’ve taken to using reddit. It’s a good place to look for advice or learn about specific topics. I also find that it’s easier to stop myself from endlessly scrolling.