The “New” Normal

My mind is just blown that we’re already 1/3 through August and this year is half over. Honestly it is a bit of a relief, even if this summer was one that slipped through our fingers! I’ve been trying to relish these summer days– mostly because I can’t even begin to think about going into the fall/winter with a pandemic… so I’m refusing to think about it.

Even though it’s summer and even though there’s still a pandemic, I feel like we’re entering a totally new stage. I don’t mean government mandated either… it’s more like everyone is adjusting to work from home, adjusting to the new reality we face, and, well, life is continuing on. It may feel and look a bit different, but it’s happening. My schedule is starting to fill up in a big way. This happens to me every year, where things are slow in the spring and June and then around “back to school” time it kicks back into full gear. I just wasn’t exactly expecting it to happen this year. I’m grateful, but it’s definitely requiring a mental adjustment after the slowest months I’ve ever had. Trying to re-carve out time for self-care, working out, and getting into a very efficient working schedule.

Simply put: life feels normal and completely different at the same time. 

I don’t know if it’s because I’m feeling bridal or because I’m trying to embrace the summer as much as possible, but I have been all about the white dresses lately. I ordered this dress a couple of weeks after Mike proposed. We were debating doing engagement photos and I thought it would be a good option if we did decide to. (I know basically after the Fourth of July, white dresses go on sale and then disappear so I wanted to be proactive!)

It’s actually the same dress as the block prints dress I got earlier this summer so I knew I’d love the fit. It feels so. good. on. It’s one of those dresses that swings casual and dressy depending on how you style it. I wore it this past weekend with wet hair and sandals, and felt low-key but put together. And it would look great with espadrilles and a pair of statement earrings too.

Especially with my work schedule kicking back up but my anxiety still on high alert from the pandemic, I have found that really getting dressed (like real, official, non-legging clothes) helps tremendously. I had gotten pretty lax about what I wore and it felt luxurious for a while and then not so great. A cute dress goes a long way!! Even though it’s 100 degrees outside, with the air conditioning I feel more comfortable with a cardigan.

The dress fits true to size with a smocked back and adjustable straps. The straps when I received the dress were pulled very short, it took some work to get them adjusted over the eyelet fabric, but once I did it was a much better fit. The dress has functional buttons and pockets. It’s also lined from the neckline down to the knees so it offers FULL coverage.

Dress (marked way down with “EPIC” at checkout) // Sandals (20% off site wide right now!) // Sweater // Necklace (c/o)

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Hi Carly!

Was wondering where you found your desk… really needing a good one now that I’m doing work at home 24/7 and your desk is so cute!

Thank you for posting ❤️


Unfortunately the MOREISMORE promo code has expired but you can still get a decent discount using EPIC!


I’m getting used to this normal too but as a momma of a little boy, I cannot wait to have an open playground structure again.(We live in San Diego, every park is gated off. It’s so sad for kids! Especially kids in apartments. At least we live on a cul-de-sac full of kids and pools).