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Every year or so, I end up getting the same types of questions. It’s a very strange phenomenon, but since I’ve been blogging for ten years, I’ve come to expect it. I think I really started to notice the FAQ thing back in the day when I wore a monogrammed bracelet. I think I got “where is your monogrammed bracelet from?” thirty times a day.

I know “some of you have asked” has taken on a meme-like quality in the blogging/Instagram world, but…. guys, it’s the truth. I will say that DMs has made it easier to answer questions in bulk, versus responding to comments/emails. But I figured it can’t hurt to answer some of the current FAQ here in one spot!

Carly Heitlinger

Where is your monogrammed phone case from?

It’s from The Daily Edited! I popped into the West Village store and had it made right there. I got the light pink, which I think is where my current obsession with pink started. The pink is lovely, but just as a warning, if you put it in a jean pocket, it might turn blue on the edges. The first time it happened, I was pretty sad… but the blue strangely disappears after a day or two of using it without jeans. If you’re worried about that, go with a darker color!

If you’re purchasing online, start by selecting the phone size you have. Then choose the leather color. Then there will be a customize dropdown menu, choose “Stripes” under font style. I’m 95% sure my stripe color combination is “bubblegum” and “white.”

Do you still like your AirPods?

YES YES YES. My AirPods were one of my favorite things from 2018Everything I said in my original review stands. I’d say they’re absolutely worth it. Especially now that we’re in the dead of winter, it’s been so nice to not have wires to deal with when I’m putting on scarves and heavy coats. I wear them to work out in; I take calls with them; I use them with my Apple Watch when I walk the dogs. Another question I get a lot is if they stay in. I personally haven’t had a single issue with them falling out.

Will your boyfriend ever be on your blog?

I don’t know. We talk about it seriously every month or so. I was pretty indifferent about it until December when I went to put together my year-end recap on my Instagram story. Just about half of my life was… absent. We were laughing about it, but I think we both were also like, “uh, yea, we need to figure this out.” I also did my 1 Second Every Day video and thought I could just blur his face out, but then when you watch it back, literally 30% of it was blurred so I just scrapped the whole thing and kept it private.

At the end of the day though, I 1,000% understand why he’s hesitant. If it were going to be a totally-no-question-positive-experience, it’d be one thing… but there are crazies out there that make it a bigger issue.

What Cricut do you have?

I’m going to try to film a whole video about my Cricut because right now the obsession is REAL. I went to my friend Maddie’s house earlier in January and she was showing me her Cricut machine. I put a video on Instagram and Cricut saw it, reached out, and offered to send me one of the machines. I do not have room for it… but I also couldn’t say no!

It’s amazing.

At first, I was a little overwhelmed because it felt complicated (and it’s so big!), but it couldn’t have been easier to set up. I watched about thirty videos on Youtube and then just started to experiment. Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty simple.

They sent me the Cricut Maker, which can cut everything from wood to fabric. Maddie has the Cricut Explore Air 2, which is currently $100 off on Amazon!

What dry shampoo do you use and how do you use it?

Right now, I’ve been using Living Proof’s dry shampoo. I love it so much that I keep full sized cans and travel-sized on hand. I have very dark hair and it does make my hair white until I shake it out… but the KEY is to wait for it to completely dry before trying to shake out. If not, it’ll just stick to your hair and look white all day long.

I have two methods for using it. One is to put it in my hair the night before. I spray it in “strips” from the front of my hairline to the back of my head. I start from one ear and work my way across to the other ear. As I sleep, I find that it soaks up oil and I wake up with perfect hair. I flip my head over after brushing my teeth and use my fingers to massage my scalp and “shake” the rest of the dry shampoo out.

The other method is to put the dry shampoo in before a shower, same strip model as before. Then I put my hair into a bun with a silk scrunchie and wear a shower cap while showering. I leave the dry shampoo in while I’m getting ready and shaking it out is the last thing I do before walking out the door.

Did you lose weight from BBG?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about BBG. I did a full review of it after completing 1.0. But the one question I get the most? Did I lose weight from BBG? The answer is no, but I also didn’t do it to lose weight. I wanted to build strength. I didn’t do any body scans (although I kind of wish I had), but I know I built muscle based on how my clothes fit and even just how I look.

I’ve also been getting questions about whether I’m using the PDFs or the app. I did the PDF for 1.0 (weeks 1-12) and now I’m using the app for 2.0 (weeks 13-24). There are things I like about both, but I have to say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how great the app is. Once I finish 2.0 (end of March), I’ll do another review!

Where are your eyeglasses from?

I’ve been rotating through three pairs right now: Percey (mine were a limited edition version for holiday, but it comes in a full pink), Chelsea, and Watts.

Do you have recommendations for DC?

So…. not really. I went to school there and lived there obviously throughout college, but I didn’t really leave the Georgetown area!! And it’s been a hot minute since I graduated… DC has changed a lot and I wouldn’t even know what to recommend anymore! I’m out of the loop.

If you’re in Georgetown, the one recommendation I have is to go to The Tombs for lunch. It’s a Georgetown bar and restaurant with a great vibe. But that’s all that I’ve got!

What app do you use for your Instagram stories?


Why do you call your mom Meesh?

My sister and I mostly call my mom, “mom.” But we kind of ham it up and call her Meesh a lot too. If we’re on Instagram or around other people I think we say “Meesh” more than “mom” because she really feeds off of it. (If you’ve ever had the chance to meet her, you know she has a larger than life personality!) Here’s the story behind Meesh though.

Do you have advice for beginner bloggers?

YES. I have written two giant posts that answer just about everything I could think of. Here’s part 1 and here’s part 2.

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I started using the Living Proof Dry Shampoo per your recommendation and cannot get enough of it. It really is the best! Thank you for sharing that!

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

I got Airpods middle of last year! I didn’t realise how much I loved them until I switched them out one day for my old, wired earbuds because I was worried about using them on the plane. I haven’t switched back to my wired earbuds since. // I’ve loved following along your Cricut adventures on Instagram hahhh. Everything you’re making looks so legit! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

Ashley C.

I love these FAQ updates! I totally relate to you and your sister calling your mom “Meesh.” My mom’s nickname/Grandma name is Honey, and now everyone in our family refers to her as that. My cousin had asked me why we refer to her as Honey, too, since she’s not our Grandma, and while my sister and I obviously still call her Mom the majority of the time, she is just SUCH a Honey that sometimes it just seems more fitting. She also loves it, because it reminds her of my nephew, so it just works! 🍯❤️🐻

Sonya Mann

Great roundup of info! I’ve never tried dry shampoo before going to bed — gotta see how that works for me. I do love that Living Proof one.


The Living Proof dry shampoo smells amazing! I used it a few years ago and it felt so luxurious to me. However, I think the Klorane dry shampoo is the best ever! It smells clean, but the scent isn’t overpowering, and I think it’s easier to get the white residue out. It’s a product worth trying at least a couple of times. Plus, it’s Karl Lagerfeld’s favorite dry shampoo so it must be pretty good.

Valencia Gower

So I watched your video of how your mom got to be Meesh. I was drooling at the beginning. Boy do I miss Pappas!!!

Brittany Higdon

The Tombs is my favorite place in D.C. too! I’d add Acqua al Due (for a fancy dinner); Ted’s Bulletin for brunch or lunch (their homemade poptarts are amazing) and, of course Founding Farmers for brunch… delicious.


Thanks for sharing Carly! Please don’t feel pressured to share parts of your personal life if that makes you uncomfortable! Do what feels right, we would love to meet your boyfriend but we completely understand if you want to keep that private. Keep up the great posts!


I totally agree with you about the AirPods! They’re a total game changer, and they’re so much better than any other pair of wireless headphones I’ve used in terms of ease of functionality.

When you dry shampoo the night before – do you pull your hair up when you sleep, or just leave it down? This has been an issue for me!

Katie Sullivan

omg my mom went to georgetown in the 80’s and my cousin is there now- Tombs is the way to go!