This is going to be my last gratitude list post of the year. I have a feeling I’ll do more in 2021, but I only have a few more posts to go live before I take a week off from posting. Putting together gratitude lists has been a bright spot throughout the year. Especially when I felt the worst and I didn’t think I could come up with anything, I always would and I’d always feel more positive after the exercise.




I have a pretty serious needle phobia and can faint just watching someone get a shot on television or seeing a doctor hold one up (it’s fun). But I have to say… I think the COVID vaccine may cure me of it? I’ve never been so thrilled to see someone get a shot before. I watched it on the news like it was the Super Bowl, or something. I have already heard from friends in the healthcare world who have gotten theirs or who are getting one this week. It is such a relief.


I think this has made every single one of my gratitude lists this year. I’m so effing grateful for wonderful streamable workouts. I miss the gym terribly– especially the community aspect of it. (And the accountability of having a class on my calendar!) But having the Peloton and working out alongside readers on the leaderboard with our hashtag (#pelotonprepsters) is honestly *so fun* and feels like being in a gym with other people minus the spread of germs, of course.


Last week’s snow day catapulted me into the holiday spirit big time!! And we’re supposed to be getting more snow today and tomorrow. I love being cozy inside with nowhere to go and then watching the dogs frolic about!! I love our town every day– but I swear it feels like a CHRISTMAS MOVIE when it snows. (The Family Stone was filmed here if you want to get a feel for how it!)


This is a little bit of a fluffy thing, but when I saw Yeti had brought back the pink tumblers (and they weren’t being sold on the black market for $100), I instantly added to cart. I didn’t even think twice and let me tell you– it brings me so much joy!!!! Ace Hardware and Yeti still have them and I’ve seen them pop in and out of stock at Dick’s Sporting Goods too.


After discovering a large sum of money in an Adsense account from when I was in college, I splurged on a new camera. While it wasn’t a “need,” I wanted a lightweight camera I could use for photos. The one I have now is fantastic for video– which is why I bought it a few years ago. It isn’t the best for photography though (the autofocus isn’t great) and I hadn’t really anticipated taking my own photos for my blog. So I purchased one with much better autofocus and so far I’m really liking it. (Not sure why I felt like I needed to justify it, but there’s the reasoning.) Will do a review once I get a little more hands on activity with it.

(6) TIME OFF. 

I’m looking forward to taking time off. It’s actually just time off from the blog– I have a big deadline in January for a bigger project so I’m grateful to have some dedicated time to focus on that. November and December have been a sprint and I’m ready to ease off the gas a bit. I already feel immense relief this week as things wind down. 💆🏻‍♀️

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Yes, have heard from friends who in healthcare are already getting vaccine!

Also, looking forward to some snow here in NJ. Don’t want the blizzard but a good snow day under the covers sounds so good right now!

Finally- seeking out a therapist this year, the silver lining that it’s free through the end of the year with my insurance.


I’m glad to see you take an actual week off the blog, you deserve it! (although you will be missed of course)

Kelly C

I’ve loved your gratitude lists! I always enjoyed them on Instagram story too, such a bright spot. I think the thing I enjoyed the most this year was discovering new hobbies, needlepoint and my machine embroidery. You’ve inspired me to learn how to sew, so maybe next year that will be in my tool belt. 🙂


Hi Carly! I plan on getting the vaccine, but I’m just wondering your thoughts on it. Does it make you nervous at all? Some of these articles, that are probably totally false, about fertility, leave me feeling a little uneasy as a 27 year old female…Any thoughts? Thanks!!


First let me say that I’m not an expert, but I would go off the guidance of experts. It seems like it’s more than safe for most people (excluding allergies or existing health risks that would exclude someone).


I will share some personal information that may help you make a decision (something so personal I haven’t even told real-life family and friends). My healthy young husband had covid in the first springtime wave. We are still working with his doctors, but it turns out that THAT has probably made it impossible for him to be a biological father. As far as I have heard, the articles about fertility are false to overblown – based on routine warnings about any new pharmaceutical – but what we’re going through is very real and would have been very preventable. I’d give anything for us to have had a chance at the vaccine before he got sick.


Interesting choices for the end of a year I hope to never ever live through again. Obviously the vaccine. But other than that, I think mine would be different.
My health, friends and family that are healthy or beaten COVID (thank God!), my spouse and I have maintained stable income, my girls are thriving. I know it’s your gig but focusing on material items seems a bit tone deaf?


It’s not an exclusive list or my gratitude for the entire year. Just things bringing some joy right now. I’ve been doing these lists throughout the year and they always include a range of stuff. To me, those feel like obvious ones that too my list regardless

Stuart Danker

I too am grateful for at-home workouts, because it’s one of the few things that’s kept me sane during the lockdowns. Great list here. Thanks for sharing, Carly!