I am obsessed with the Theragun Mini! I ordered one a few weeks ago when it was on sale during Cyber Week and I’m so, so into it.

Let’s rewind though. This is not my first Theragun! Two Christmases ago, Mike gave me a Theragun. (I’m pretty certain he bought it knowing he would be using it himself, ha.) I really liked it– and would recommend it– but it is very intense and very loud. Our dogs are legitimately terrified of it so we have to go outside to use it or put them outside to use it indoors. I also find it a little cumbersome for areas that I most wanted to hit– like my neck and shoulders. I always have Mike use it on me because it’s more comfortable than trying to do it myself.

THERAGUN MINI REVIEWWhen I saw the Mini… I was intrigued. I thought the size looked perfect for me and I was okay with a little less intensity because the big one had so much power. Anyway, I finally got mine in the mail and I was instantly obsessed with it. I like it even more than the big one because it suits my needs much more practically.

Let’s break it down:



If you’re reading this wondering what the hell I’m talking about, the Theragun is a line of handheld deep tissue massagers. Designed for athletes and physical therapy, the Theragun moves a bit like a jack hammer and you can place it pretty much anywhere on your body to relieve tension, alleviate sore muscles, and provide pain relief. I would classify it as a “hurts so good” kind of feeling. (Like picture yourself getting a massage by a very strong person who just goes to town on the tightest of muscles.)



To me, this is the biggest benefit of the Mini model. It is TINY compared to the PRO model. It weighs 1.43 pounds (compared to the PRO’s 2.9 pounds) and the longest width is 6 inches. They call it “pocket” sized, which I don’t think I have many pockets it would fit into, but it absolutely way more portable than the big ones. The size is also great because it comes with a little case that is easy to throw into a tote or gym bag.


So I can’t say for certain what the volume on the current PRO models are (since ours is an older model) but our big one is very, very loud. I couldn’t believe how quiet the Mini is. It does make a motorized noise, but you could use the Mini in a gym locker room (whenever that may be) and absolutely no one one would bat an eye. For me, this is great because it means I can watch TV while I massage my sore muscles without having to wear headphones or rely on closed captioning. It’s that quiet.


The Mini has three speeds: 1750, 2100, and 2400 percussions per minute… The PRO has the same range but five different speeds (1750, 1900, 2100, 2200, and 2400). So you technically get the same power as the PRO just in a miniature size.


The Mini has a 150-minute run time and charges by plugging it into a power adapter. This is so much more convenient to me than the swappable batteries the PRO requires (though they provide a longer battery time). 150 minutes is plenty of time between charges for me, personally. I definitely wouldn’t use it more than 10-15 minutes a day.



I use it for sore muscles! It really hurts but in a great way… you know the feeling! The three places I use it the most though: my shoulders, my glutes, and…. my FEET. Ever since I injured my sesamoid bone, my feet have never quite felt the same. Thankfully I’m in much better shape and not in daily pain, but I do get sore still. Nothing like a Theragun to the foot. I used to treat myself to full body massages pretty frequently and have really missed them this year– the Theragun is a nice, safe alternative.


If you are a serious athlete or a professional trainer of some kind, you’ll probably want one of the bigger versions. But for normal people who want something for everyday, light use after at-home workouts? The Mini is PERFECT!!! I love how easy it is to hold. I love how quiet it is. And I love that it’s perfect for traveling (when we can).

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Ahhh I got this for my husband for Christmas (and I’m sure I’ll use it too lol). I’m so glad you like it, hopefully he will too!


Always on point with the reviews! I bought my fiancé the Breville Bambino Plus for Christmas this year after seeing how much you loved it and reading all of your posts – and I’ve been thinking theragun would be a great gift but kind of expensive for those big ones, I didn’t know about the mini. On the list it goes! Thanks for always giving the best recommendations and honest reviews. Merry Christmas!


I’ve been curious about this since seeing on The Stripe. I carry all tension between my shoulders and in my neck. Do you think this would help. You mention your shoulders so i’m thinking yes?


Had been on the fence about getting a theragun for my Dad and this made me finally commit to getting the mini! Gave it to him early a few days ago and the whole family is obsessed!!!