The countdown to Christmas is on!!! I can’t believe it’s only a week away. I’m really looking forward to some time off of work and being cozy at home. Just as a heads up, I’ll have a posts through the 22nd and then I’ll be back around the New Year– I haven’t quite decided what day I’m returning just yet.

ON MY RADAR 12.18.20

ON MY RADAR 12.18.20

I snapped this for a sponsored Instagram for Sarah Flint– you can use SARAHFLINT-CARLY for $50 off your first order! And my bow wrapping paper is from Etsy… I am obsessed! Skirt is old J. Crew (still love it), here’s my turtleneck, and here’s my headband.

ON MY RADAR 12.18.20

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // 8 Hours of Deep Sleep Music

I think I may be Morgan Harper Nichols’ biggest fan now. Truly obsessed with absolutely everything she does– THANK YOU to everyone who recommended that I look into her work.  She just released an eight hour Youtube video with deep sleep music. It starts off with a little intention from her and then transitions into music and has art and photography by her that streams through the video. It’s so lovely and would work for good background music when you’re working from home or studying too.

TWO // Margaux Socks

Margaux just released a line of socks and I think they’re so cute!!! I love that they’re colorful and the little scalloped design at the top is darling.

THREE // Inside Ina Garten’s Kitchen

This video is such a good watch. Ina Garten walks the NY Times through her kitchen and shares all of her favorite items. I learned a few things and added a few things to my next grocery store run! The best part was how practical everything she does is. Her pantry is huge but looks like a normal person’s pantry– it’s not over-stylized, it’s just… a pantry and I appreciate that.

FOUR // Monogrammed Bow Hair Clip Set

You know I love a good bow. Anthro has a set of monogrammed hair bows that I think are so, so cute. They’re definitely extra, but hey! Who said that’s a bad thing? I actually really like how they did the monogram– it’s a metal charm– looks great!

FIVE // Headspace on Netflix

Headspace is coming to Netflix!!!! I don’t know why this thrills me so much but it does! I hope it helps more people understand and fall in love with meditation. Meditation can seem intimidating, but once you break it down, it’s actually not that confusing and it may not even be what you think it is. Everyone can do this– and hopefully the Netflix show helps demystify it a bit!

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

LOVING the deep sleep music! I have a whole personal Youtube playlist for background music. Lately I’ve been looping through the Harry Potter ASMR/music and rainy jazz cafe parts of the playlist more (:


Love the post. Ina is so good. Her cookbooks are awesome. Would love to mediate but NO ONE in my household will leave me alone long enough to do it much less take a simple shower. I wake up so early just to be able to read your blog.

Christine S.

Just FYI, I think the Margaux socks section cut off! It just ends with “So many of my socks have”


Hi – curious if your Christmas tree is real and if so where you found your basket for it? I keep trying to determine how you place a real tree in a basket – I do love the look!


Hi I’m curious if your Christmas tree is real and if so where are you found the basket to place it in? I do love that look but haven’t quite figured out how you place a real tree in a basket. Thanks!


Yes it’s real! The basket is from Crate and Barrel but old (though there are some versions floating around this year too). You put it over the tree stand before you put the tree in 🙂


LOVED LOVED LOVED Ina’s kitchen tour — I really appreciated that it wasn’t overly styled and didn’t include too many niche or super expensive items. You could tell in her pantry appliances that not everything was brand new – and that’s ok! Also loved that her pantry had regular old skippy front and center!! 😉


Same! It was the video I didn’t know I needed to see. I’m going to have to make my own vanilla extract. . .


Thank you so much for sharing the Ina Garten video. I definitely picked up on a few things but mostly just feel a little lifted after watching her speak. She’s so real and down to earth!

Carolyn H

The Headspace Netflix series sounds very cool! Tried clicking on the Margaux socks and the link seems to not be working right now? Could just be a glitch!

Merry Christmas and enjoy your time off!