Cold Weather


This is the time of year where I am excited to wear coats again! Check back in in February and I’ll be so over the whole coat thing. It’s actually been chilly enough to warrant a coat during parts of the day. I tried on a few coats before we left for Nantucket and some fit and some did not fit postpartum (my shoulders, rib cage, and chest certainly expanded…). Also, the past couple of winters, I’ve found myself not really needing wool coats as much between moving to the suburbs and then the pandemic hitting. My coat needs (and preferences) have changed, but I do hope to have more reasons for wool coats.

We’ll see how this winter goes… but either way, nothing will stop me from drooling over new coats online.

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Hi Carly! The link to the gorgeous Joules coat with the fur trim doesn’t seem to work. Is there another link to this coat? Thanks!