We have had just a great week here on Nantucket. Mike and I started dreaming of this trip in January and it’s living up to our dreams big time. We just keep turning to each other and saying how grateful and lucky we feel. This is such a special time and we are not taking a minute of it for granted.

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Evelyn Henson x Tiny Tassel Earrings

There have been SO MANY great brand collaborations recently– so many, in fact, that I’m struggling to keep track of them all! Apparently I missed the announcement on this one between Evelyn Henson and Tiny Tassel. They took Evelyn Henson’s cheeky illustrations and turned them into beaded Tiny Tassel earrings. A match made in heaven.

TWO // Apple Reminders

I usually keep track of my to-do lists in a draft in my email inbox. However, I recently tapped into all that Apple Reminders has to offer and I switched my system over *immediately.” It’s been a game changer especially as my brain is not firing on all cylinders lately. Need ALL the help I can get in keeping track of everything in my work and personal lives!!

THREE // Elin Hilderbrand Tree Ornament

Hello all you Elin Hilderbrand fans. I just saw that she has a special limited edition ornament available with mini the spines of some of her most popular books. Genius!!! And a great book-themed gift for other Elin fans this holiday season.

FOUR // Tuckernuck New Arrivals

Per usual, Tuckernuck keeps coming out with better and better new arrivals. I think I’m especially drawn to their fall aesthetic. Green has been my go-to color lately and they have soooo many good green finds right now, including my most recent favorite shirt of theirs in a hunter green. Also loving this cardigan and this floral shirtdress.

FIVE // TikTok Affirmations

I keep getting affirmations on my TikTok for you page and I’m loving them. I have a few basic affirmations I keep in my back pocket… but the ones on TikTok are so creative and, honestly, just soothing and lovely. This one spoke to me and I’m going to adopt it!

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I use Apple reminders for all the things…like brushing my kids teeth. The struggle is real.