I rave about the Solly Wrap to anyone who listens. I think it might become my go-to baby gift for showers and new moms. It’s a game changer. I had purchased one back in July. I can’t remember what prompted it, but I purchased one and then washed it and then it ended up in a random drawer in Jack’s nursery. I totally forgot about it while I was in my postpartum haze.

One day, I was trying to fold laundry and Jack didn’t want to be put down. It dawned on me that I had the Solly Wrap! I had to watch the video on how to put it on six times, but it finally clicked and all of a sudden, I had Jack on me and my hands fully free. It was a huge sense of freedom– to be able to hold my child and still use both my hands! It was also just the sweetest feeling having Jack curled up onto me. Honestly, it felt like best part of being pregnant minus all the bad parts. I love it so much that I plan on baby carrying him for as long as possible– it feels SO good.

I’ve been getting so many questions about it and just have to say… get it. It’s truly one of my most favorite items for baby. I purchased my first one, and Solly Baby sent me a couple more. You really only need one though, but I do love being able to match them to my outfits.

To answer some of the FAQs I get:

– Is it hard to learn how to tie it?

I wouldn’t say it’s hard at all, though there is definitely a learning curve. Once it clicks, you will be able to do it really quickly by muscle memory. Now I don’t even have to think twice about tying it. I’m embedding the two videos I used to learn (the newborn carry & the classic carry).

– Do you have any tricks?

The two biggest tips I have…. 1) start by wrapping it in front of a mirror. This helped me a lot when trying to make sure it was on correctly and 2) go tighter than you think is necessary. If the baby feels loose or like you have to hold him/her to keep him steady, start over because it’s not tight enough.

– When do you wear it?

More than anything, I wear this when I’m home doing chores or working on my computer. But I also keep one folded up in my diaper bag in my car so I always have one with me just in case. I mostly use it in the house when I need access to both my hands. And when we’re out of the house, I wear it to mostly try to keep Jack calm if he’s a little cranky/fussy.

– What’s the difference between the Solly Wrap and the Baby Bjorn?

I have both and use each in different ways. So this is not a technical way of saying it, but I would say the Solly Wrap is great for “soft” activities and the Baby Bjorn is great for “hard” activities. Like I would use the Solly Wrap to chores around the house, for light walks, at a restaurant, or visiting a friend’s house, etc. And the Baby Bjorn is great for anything with a little more vigor like long walks and travel. The Solly Wrap can easily be thrown into a diaper bag which is a huge benefit and the Baby Bjorn takes up a lot more space, but is really great ergonomically. You can totally get away with only having one (or obviously none), but I think it’d be worth putting both on your registry. And it’s worth noting that Mike likes/uses both, too.



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Marie M. C.

Have you seen this YouTube Video? Apparently over 37,000,000 people have! It’s a method stop your infant crying. If you’ve tried it — does it work for you and Mike? By the way — I think you and your husband are doing a great job at this parent thing!


I was nervous to use these with my first baby but if I have a second one, I am totally going to get one! Thanks for the review!