This is so cheesy, but the minute I found out I was pregnant, I started dreaming about all the things I couldn’t wait to do with my child! I was looking forward to big things like all the Christmas mornings and the mundane things like picking him/her up from school and everything in between. I knew the baby would be pretty young when apples were ready for picking, but that didn’t stop me from getting excited about apple picking. I knew the baby would have zero memory of it and zero clue what was happening, but I would! (Jack ended up sleeping through the entire adventure, which was actually great. He snoozed in his bassinet while we picked apples!)

Elsa and I really committed to getting out to the orchards. It wasn’t easy between our two schedules and inclement weather kept thwarting our plans. But we finally got lucky with a gorgeous, crisp morning. We were all excited to go to this one orchard and when we got there, we walked around for a few minutes and realized the assortment of apples was severely lacking. We both agreed we should go back to a tiny orchard we had driven by on the way to the big one, and sure enough, it was perfect! TONS of beautifully ripe apples. We picked a bunch and I swear on my life they were some of the best apples I’ve ever had. I had so many that I had to give them away to my siblings-in-law before we left for the month.

If you are looking for a pair of overalls, you need these. I have been hunting for a pair for a couple of years. I lost track of how many styles and brands I’ve tried during my search. These finally checked every box! A little bit of stretch, a flattering leg, a wide enough “bib,” and a great wash. (I do have to have mine hemmed a little bit– they’re a bit on the long side for my short legs, but I didn’t have time to get them hemmed before we went out.)

This is the bracelet I bought myself for my birthday with Jack’s name on it. It’s under $30 and I was really impressed with the customer service. You can message the seller and they will send you a list of all the fonts you can choose from (more than the listing shows). I went with the “dainty” font.

Also can’t handle babies in overalls too… I mean, it’s soooo sweet. Here’s Jack’s whole outfit.

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Jack’s Shirt // Jack’s Overalls // Jack’s Shoes


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you’re right to dream about moments with your children. The simple things are the best! I loved going on walks with them in my neighborhood and seeing them discover bugs, worms, flowers-anything in nature.


This is too cute! I brought my four-month old apple picking a couple of weekends ago, and got him a special outfit with an apple on it. They won’t remember these moments, but we will!