A hodgepodge of outfits this week! One of the fun parts about coming to Nantucket is that you can have every season in one day… I have been finding myself wearing at least a couple of looks throughout the day to accommodate activity and weather. We are also having a pretty relaxing time here. With a newborn, there’s only so much you can do and I am really just loving “cocooning” here. Such a special time and I don’t mind just lounging in sweatpants and yoga pants most of the day!

LAST WEEK’S WIN: My sister came to visit, which was amazing!!! It wasn’t a hard sell for her to come up, of course. She hadn’t seen Jack in person since he was born and they definitely got in some good bonding time while she was here. (He legitimately lit up every time she held him or talked to him!) It was hard saying goodbye.

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding Jack. It’s come pretty easy to both of us, but on the flip side, pumping and bottles have not! Pumping has made me feel a little anxious and Jack is sort of okay but not great with a bottle. We really want to have it where he’s comfortable with a bottle…. mostly so I can get a little break and give Mike good bonding time too. (Plus, if there was ever an emergency where we couldn’t be together, just knowing that he’d be all set without me would give me peace of mind.) Anyway, we are practicing and it’s getting better (both my pumping anxiety and his bottle taking). Fingers crossed we keep making progress!


Pretty low-key day for us. I love this matching set for lounging. It’s so comfortable. I don’t think it’s super flattering for wearing out in public, to be honest, but I did run out for coffee in it and then took the dogs for a mini-hike.




Mike and I took the dogs for an early morning beach walk. It’s one of my favorite things to do here, especially now that it’s pretty quiet! Then I dragged Mike to go get pumpkins to decorate with, ha!


Similar Jeans



We all went on a walk with my friend (who is also Little V’s sister in law!) and her baby son. It was a blast seeing her because I got to see him when he was a tiny nugget this summer and we thought we would have to wait until next summer for the boys to “meet.” Then my sister flew in and we spent the afternoon at the beach!

Dress (it’s an old pattern but I am PRAYING still that Hill House brings it back!)



Stace and I hit the town to do some shopping and then we did another long walk with the dogs again. (They are loving all the fresh air and exercise!!!)

Similar shirt

Similar jeans



After a low key morning, Stace and I picked up sandwiches for another afternoon at the beach. It was a little windy, but it was so worth bundling up because we pretty much had the entire beach to ourselves. And the sun was gloriously warm! We had a fun “night out” (you know, for parents with a newborn) getting cocktails/mocktails and a couple of appetizers before going home for pizza and a Halloween movie.


Similar jeans



It was a pretty lazy, lazy day. I usually would feel guilty not doing a million things while on a trip, but it’s been so nice to not feel like every minute needs to be scheduled. We lounged around guilt-free before going out for a quick lunch. It rained hard early evening onward, so we cuddled up and watched a couple of movies together! (My sister and I love rewatching old favorites.)

Sweater (c/o)




Stacy’s last day and we wanted to have some one on one time before she left. We got breakfast in town and did a final loop around the water. I dropped her off at the airport and tried to get caught up on work.





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Carly! I love following along on your motherhood journey. I had my first 2 weeks before Jack and reading your blog has become part of my morning nursing session. I don’t know if you have a Haakaa but it’s an awesome way to get some extra milk for a bottle without having to add in a pump session. Obviously there may still be a need from a discomfort standpoint but as we’ve been trying to introduce a bottle I’ll leave the house, let my husband give the bottle using milk from an earlier feed thanks to the Haakaa and then have peace of mind that if the bottle session was unsuccessful, I still have milk available to come home and feed. Just a thought! Thanks for sharing your journey with us, as a fellow new mom I really appreciate it!


Yes! I have it and love it for collecting extra milk, but when we do the bottles I try to time up a full pump just so I stay in sync with him!


Oof I had the worst anxiety when I had to start pumping. What worked for me was trying to look forward to it by getting a pumping bra so I could go hands free, and then reading or watching a show I really enjoy. Maybe that would help? I still get a bit of anxiety (I tend to have a painful let down). Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I’ve been there too!


Also feel you about pumping! I’m gearing up to go back to work full time, and I’m getting anxious about having to regularly pump every day. Some things that have helped for me to make the experience more tolerable: LaVie lactation massagers (they make pumping so much more comfortable!), making sure that I have the proper flange size, a good handsfree pumping bra, and figuring out different ways to hack my pump to be more portable. I really like @bemybreastfriend on Instagram — she’s funny and has lots of pumping tips!