I’ve been so bored with my wardrobe. Like, so bored. I’m struggling a little bit with body image during pregnancy (apparently very common and working with my therapist on it) and I think that’s playing a large part in how I feel about my clothes… and how I feel in my clothes. (But honestly whoever invented the Lululemon Align leggings had to have invented them with pregnant bellies in mind. So freaking grateful for those.)

I think I’m going to keep leaning into simple, basic outfits and use accessories to feel a little more fun.



Bow Scrunchie

Shop some of my favorites below:


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What a great selection of hair bows. Spring is coming and they are so necessary. As far as body image, your are stunning. Pregnancy brings on all kinds of emotions. Good, bad, weird, and sometimes why. It is temporary and please concentrate on the goal and not what it takes to get there. You are going to be an amazing Mom. Right now its inconvenient clothing wise etc etc but I promise the first time you feel the flutter/kick perspective will change. Beside I’m looking forward to what adorable and awesome outfits you’ll come up with.


Nothing says spring like a nice bow! As for body image during pregnancy I can relate to that feeling. I’m naturally thin so for the first 6 months, I was like regular me but with a slight bump that didn’t really pop. It’s an awkward phase where your regular clothes fit but not quite so you don’t feel like you. It’s a passing phase so you will feel better especially now that you’re feeling good physically.


I’m so excited! I just ordered several of the skinny liberty headbands with the matching face masks. Also, when I was in free people last week the clerk mentioned that a lot of pregnant women shop there because of the float styles. Looking back on my own pregnancy I can see how that approach would work very well! I know they aren’t totally your style, but they do have some pretty feminine dresses that I think you’d look fab in. Why not check it out?! Worth mentioning – you look just as amazing pregnant as not. Body image is a fickle thing, but I promise, we see only the beautiful you.


I’ve been feeling very bored with my wardrobe too lately. (I think a large part of it just has to do with quarantine and not having anywhere to wear “nice” outfits.) I just ordered a few scrunchie scarves from Etsy, and I’m excited to play around with them and change up my outfits!


I have never been pregnant but this video in which Shawn Johnson East talks about body image throughout her life and then during pregnancy is a great perspective. I found it motivating to actually honor my body and have a good relationship with my body!


Also feeling a bit blah with my outfits. I think not being able to go in stores and try things on is making it harder to shop. I always like to try a lot of things on and it’s harder to that online since you need to order everything and then return what you don’t like. Accessories are a great idea though! Easy to turn basics into different outfits 🙂