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Wow! How is it another Tuesday already? I have some big deadlines hanging over my head right now and it’s crazy how quickly things fly by when you have to get a big task done. I’m not mad about it because I do hope it helps me survive these last weeks of winter!

I will say I have felt a) physically better now that I’m in my second trimester (hallelujah!) and 2) mentally better with the longer, slightly warmer days. I think my outfits feel a little more interesting again… or at least they feel that way to me!

LAST WEEK’S WIN: Honestly a few great wins!!! I can’t not mention that I got my first dose of the vaccine. It was such a relief and besides a sore arm, no real side effects. (I’ll keep you posted on how the second dose goes; I think that’s the one that has more side effects.) I also had a fantastic weekend. And I was successful at stepping away from work, which is always the goal but doesn’t always happen. I spent ALL of Saturday organizing and cleaning. It. Felt. So. Good.

THIS WEEK’S GOAL: I kicked off the week with a big to-do list. I sat down first thing Monday to write down EVERY TO-DO for every single day this week and fully mapped out the week. My goal for this week is to stay on top of everything and try to get to Friday evening feeling great about what I accomplished.


WEEK OF OUTFITS 3.9.21 | pearl headband


I may have jumped the “spring” gun. I dressed for the weather I wanted I guess. It ended up being FRIGIDLY cold. But I had nowhere to go, so I was just in my house pretending like it was spring

Similar headband

Similar sweater

Jeans; similar

Shoes (c/o)

lululemon align leggings | WEEK OF OUTFITS 3.9.21


A regular day of working from home and then my Wednesday shift for volunteering. It was so nice to hear how many people who work and volunteer at the food bank have been vaccinated. So many of the protocols have changed to keep volunteers, staff, and clients safe. I’m excited that it will be an even safer place to volunteer over time with vaccine efforts.




black v-neck sweater | WEEK OF OUTFITS 3.9.21


I worked from home as normal in the morning, plus a therapy session over Zoom. And then I made the journey to go get my first dose of the vaccine. I felt so hopeful the whole day. I was especially impressed with the mega site I went to. Quite the set up!!

V-Neck sweater


Similar ballet flats

camel v-neck sweater | WEEK OF OUTFITS 3.9.21


Since I didn’t get a ton done on Thursday with the driving, I spent ALL of Friday cranking at my desk. Still felt good, but the pressure was definitely on to catch up a little before the weekend.




all-black at-home outfit


This was my organization day! Got my entire office under control, tackled the guest room closet (which had turned into a storage unit), and then went through everything in my closet removing anything that won’t fit while pregnant. Felt. So. Good.




striped turtleneck sweater


Had just a picture perfect Sunday at home. Started with a healthy omelet, needlepointed, read, did some more organizing. Got through a barre workout and took the dogs out for a super long walk. Popped into one of my favorite coffee shops. Mike and I had pizza and watched the last episode of Ted Lasso. Perfect day for recharging.



dudley stephens turtleneck


Kicked off the morning with a Peloton workout and then dove headfirst into my to-do list. Always love starting off the week with a productive day.

Turtleneck (Dudley)





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Carly, I’m happy that you and many other people have received the vaccine. It’s definitely a step in the right direction. As I’m sure you know, there are A LOT of people who still do not have access to the vaccine and have no idea when they will have the opportunity to get it. Mentioning your vaccine (or those around you having gotten it) three times in this one post alone comes across pretty ‘braggy’. Again, I’m happy for you. But mentioning it and again and again on the blog and social media really rubs salt in the wound for a great number of people.


I’m very excited and grateful that I was able to be vaccinated and more vaccines are on the way 🙏🏻


As someone who is *dying* for the vaccine, I think it is WONDERFUL to see others getting it! It not only helps the unvaccinated by getting closer to herd immunity, but it is such a bright light symbolizing so much hope for the future. Thank you for sharing your experience!


I’ve also been actively trying to normalize it a bit more too. There is still a lot of fear around it!


Yes! I love that you keep mentioning it, & think it’s especially important for ‘public figures’ to do so!

I’m also pregnant & a bit nervous about getting it; so please keep on ‘bragging’ & reminding me that I’m making the right choice!


what an unnecessary comment. yes, i too wish i could get the vaccine asap, but i am not eligible yet. also, it’s not like with the vaccine you should suddenly start galavanting around town anyway. i can’t wait to get my shot so I can worry a bit less about getting myself or someone else sick. Maybe Carly’s post will encourage someone on the fence to get it. The more who get it, the better for all of us


Ashley, this is a weekly post in which Carly discusses what her days have been like and what she’s worn. Her references to the vaccine were casual, certainly more along the lines of, “This is something I’ve done or thought about” rather than “This is something I’m doing and you probably can’t.”

Because she’s pregnant, Carly is high-risk. Medical and bioethical experts encourage high-risk individuals to get the vaccine as soon as it’s available to them if that’s something they want to do. Carly shares her life here, it would be strange for her not to mention this. It’s also helpful to see another person’s thought process here.

Is it immensely frustrating to be in America and not have access to the vaccine when you want it? Abso-freaking-lutely. I can’t wait for my husband to be vaccinated so we can resume some semblance of our pre-Covid life. He’s relatively healthy, though, and will be among the last people in our state to be vaccinated. In no way do I begrudge any of the other folks who have been vaccinated and want to share the news online.


I’m a very high risk person, and while I was able to get vaccinated, I spent many hours stressed and anxious over the scheduling and availability. And even with all of that in mind, I still think we should be celebrating each and every person who has been vaccinated – it’s a real sign of scientific progress and hope for the future.

We can be frustrated on a systemic level with the vaccine rollout (I certainly am!) while still celebrating the vaccine “wins” on the personal level. There’s already so much shame and stigma around people getting COVID, we don’t want to shame people for doing the right thing and getting vaccinated!


I am in Australia and we will be some of the last in the Western world to get it, but you know what? That’s fine. People at higher risk, in higher risk places get it first. That’s part of how we as members of a community look after each other. Carly’s win is not your loss. You will get yours in turn.


What a great post. I am so glad you are feeling more like yourself. Love your outfits this week. I am looking forward to warm weather and fresh vegetables. I cannot wait for you to share maternity jean finds that are not frumpy to be honest. I will never understand why clothing manufacturers make regular pants that expand for men that look great and frumpy pants for women. I totally have that “Sunshine on My Mind” vibe.


This has nothing to do with any outfits you are wearing, but how do you feel about mini-skirts and mini-dresses in your thirties? I know we don’t really ever see you in that kind of attire but I’m curious. I’m 32 and think I might need to weed out the very final mini-short, dresses and skirts. (Also, I don’t mean that mini in the sense of wildly immodest or trashy but rather very obviously “short”.)


Why are these my favorite posts? I don’t know but they are! The fresher air has been soul changing!