My latest Dudley Stephens turtleneck arrived and it was love at first sight. This is a Tuckernuck exclusive color and let me tell you, it’s hands down my favorite one so far. I don’t wear a ton of color, but I do love a good green. This sage is absolute perfection!!!

It’s also a great choice for this transitional season. I am in the MOOD for spring, but it’s still pretty cold! Love that I can feel springy without sacrificing on warmth (or overall comfort).

Sage Park Slope Turtleneck review

Sage Park Slope Turtleneck

This is the “Park Slope” style. I went up one size so I can wear it as the baby continues to grow. (The arms a little baggier, but still worth it for the bump!) I’ve also been rolling down the collar to create more of a boatneck effect. It takes on a totally different look. Though I love the signature oversized collar (and it’s so nice to have on crazy cold days!), when I’m just working from home, it’s not always necessary. Rolling it down gives the illusion of a whole new look.

Sage Park Slope Turtleneck dudley stephens

If you have more questions about Dudley Stephens in general (size guide, how to wash them, etc.), I have a mini-guide from a few months ago where I go into the details. 

Sage Park Slope Turtleneck when worn

Sage Park Slope Turtleneck

Sage Turtleneck // Jeans // Sneakers // Earrings


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Any time you wear Tuckernuck it always makes me think of when I came to your meet and greet there in Georgetown a couple years back. It was so fun to meet you and I seriously can’t believe I’ve been following this long! It’s part of the routine to read your daily posts and now even more exciting since your wedding and now the baby on the way!