I have had the daybed in Jack’s room for five years (side note: how crazy is it that we moved into our house five years ago???) and it’s had the same bedding almost the entire time. Simple sheets and a light coverlet with punchy pillows. It originally lived in the third bedroom, which was my makeshift office space and then I had it moved into the nursery when Jack was born. The bedding and pillows still matched perfectly.

Now that Jack is getting a little older, I wanted to refresh the bedding in there. (Especially after my mom got him Toy Story sheets and comforter for their house!) I wasn’t quite ready to commit to the bright blue bedding in his bedroom 😉 so I started looking for some options that would get both of our stamps of approval. I think the key here for a happy mom and a happy kid is to pick out a simple duvet that can mix and match (and grow with the child) and then incorporate the fun sheets! I ended up having a hard time narrowing down what to get because I found so many cute options.

I washed the duvet cover I’ve had picked out for the nursery for years (it’s been sitting in our linen closet waiting for this moment!) and decided that some fun sheets would be the perfect compromise. Something fun for Jack, but it’s not character-central in your face!

He had been asking when he was going to get “a Toy Story bed” like Grandma Meesh’s house, but I felt like he would REALLY get pumped about Paw Patrol at our house. Even though I find the books terribly written and dread reading them, I think it’s actually super cute how into Paw Patrol Jack is… so I went for it. I never thought I’d be someone excited about character items (let alone someone who bought them…), but I have to admit I genuinely think these are cute. They’re tasteful and fun and perfect for a toddler.

Daybed + Trundle // Similar Duvet Cover + Shams // Striped Pillowcase // Paw Patrol Sheets // Monogrammed Lumbar Pillow


Jack loves his new Paw Patrol bedding! And the sheet set gets mom’s stamp of approval too with the ever so slightly muted colors and cute designs.



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I always hated character clothes and bedding and swore I wouldn’t buy them when I was a parent. But I wasn’t prepared for how much my son would love things like Paw Patrol and Cars! Now we have Paw Patrol clothes, shoes, backpacks, and bedding! It’s the furthest thing from my style, but it brings me joy knowing that it brings my son joy. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that gave in on this issue! 😆💙


It’s the little things in life that make a happy child. Years ago, when Christmas shopping my 4 year old son begged for the ugliest Grinch sheets. I detested but gave in. He loved them so much he slept on them way past Christmas and became a holiday ritual. Fast forward and he is now 25.. this past Christmas I jokingly put the sheets on his bed when he came home for the holiday. He told me how much he loved those darn sheets when he was little and that it is one of his favorite memories. Carly, remember they are only little for a short while and if the character sheets excite little Jack just go with the flow. He won’t remember the matchy magazine worthy bedding but he will remember his mom bought him Paw Patrol sheets. By the way, his room is adorable.


I used to feel that way too, but one thing you learn over time as a parent is that kids need outlets to express themselves. They need areas of the house that are 100% theirs. I feel as though allowing total expression in their bedroom design, for example, regardless of age will give them a sense of confidence and self that’s very important. When they get older, it’s better to let them express themselves with their bedroom design (a small example) than to try to express themselves in more dramatic way. While the aesthetic of the one room may not be what you’d like (especially when they’re teens) the beauty is you can just shut the door 🙂