DIARY No. 104

Here’s what we’ve been up to according to my camera roll the last couple of weeks!

I love going on little dates with Jack. We’ve been doing this since he was a baby and I think it really helps with restaurant etiquette. (Or at the very least easing my own nerves dining out with a toddler!) These farm animals– and matching tiles– are a go-to table activity for us!

I picked up a gift for a friend’s baby from F. Gerald New, one of my favorite local places for gifting. I am seriously inspired to paint the wainscoting and trim in the nursery and adding a red striped rug now…. I LOVE how this little room looks.

I’ve still been doing great with my one dinner/week goal (woo! honestly proud of myself). This pepperoni pizza bowl felt like cheating because it was SO easy. 

I got a couple of new hair products and wow, it’s making my blow outs at home extra good. I find hair products to be hit or miss for me and these are big hits.

Speaking of new products…. This Merit blush is amazing!!

We are finalllllly entering the stage where Jack can sit and color for more than five minutes and it’s been a lot of fun (for both of us 😜). I have a big roll of kraft paper that I tape to the table and we get a good chunk of time out of the activity.

Little Hammy!

Have you tried any of the Starbucks fall flavors yet? I got the Apple Crisp oatmilk shaken espresso and it was very good. It tasted like those caramel apple lollipops… and it’s a fun little fall treat. (Also a good alternative if you don’t prefer pumpkin!)

I had lunch with my friend at a new-to-us place in Chatham called Chashni! I’ve driven by a hundred times and we finally got it on the calendar to go together! It was very good and I’m excited to have a new lunch spot to visit. (The chai was my favorite!!!)

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