ON MY RADAR 8.25.23

Happy (almost) weekend! I’m having a solo weekend (just the dogs and me) and I really can’t wait. I plan on tackling some big organizational projects around the house that are hard to do with a little toddler in tow. Excited to roll my sleeves up and get to work. And maybe sleep in…. although sometimes when I’m home alone I actually enjoy getting up extra early to enjoy the quiet for a little longer. A classic mom dilemma.

ONE // A Little Winnie the Pooh History

Loved this TikTok about Winnie the Pooh! I feel like so many people have the best and happiest Winnie the Pooh memories. The New York Public Library has the original Winnie the Pooh bear on display (which you can visit!) and did a little history video on TikTok to celebrate the birthday of the beloved children’s book character.

TWO // A Reflection on The Secret Garden

Another childhood classic: the 1993 The Secret Garden movie. My sister and I loved watching this together. I’ve recently rewatched it, too, and honestly it stands the test of time. It was just as beautiful and mesmerizing as I remember. I loved this piece reflecting on the film that defined many of our childhoods!

THREE // Back to School: 20 Darling Dorm Rooms

Times have changed when it comes to dorm room decor. I’m obsessed with watching all the dorm tours happening on social media right now and I’m happy to know it’s not just me! The Glam Pad put together a list of some of the cutest ones on the internet this year and, wow! These girls have quite the set ups! (Also I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for so long that I have a tour of my sophomore dorm– in 2009!!!!– documented in real time….)

FOUR // Em Henderson’s New Sport Court

Em Henderson’s blog remains a go-to for me. She has such a great eye and knack for design, but what I love most is how realistic she is with her design work. You don’t just get beautiful before and afters making a reader wonder how she does it all! She shares the ins and outs and ups and downs. (I always, always appreciate when people share mistakes they make and the detailed thought process that goes into what they decide!!) Em’s latest project for their farmhouse was redoing the sport court in their backyard. We have a neighbor putting in a pickleball court and I can’t believe how much work it’s entailed!!! I’m jealous though– what a fun backyard for Em’s family!!!!

FIVE // How to Become a Kid’s Favorite Adult

Even if you’re not a parent yourself, chances are you have at least one or two special kids in your life. Nieces/nephews, your best friends’ kids, neighbors…etc. I loved this piece on how to become a kids’ favorite adult. It’s a unique role and one that takes effort, but can be rewarding for everyone!

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Carly, I remember first following you for college advice – the dorm article reminded me of all your old blog posts and making binder covers.

Have a great solo weekend!!!