DIARY No. 116

I haven’t done a diary post in a while. I stopped right before giving birth in February– the last one I did was actually on February 3 and life changed so dramatically since then. We said goodbye Hamilton and welcomed Rory the following week. It felt hard to even catch my breath there for a while.

But… we’re back! I am just going to jump right back in a resume as usual, sharing what we’ve been up to for the past two weeks according to my camera roll. You’ll notice there’s a major theme right now, which is family.

My dress + My shawl (CARLY15 for 15% off sitewide!)

Mike and I went to his friends’ wedding in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago! We had so much fun and it was nice to have a night out– my first since having Rory. I did end up going back to my sister in law’s house (who was watching the boys) so I could nurse overnight, but it felt like a big milestone. And also truly incredible to have a baby who takes a bottle– after Jack’s bottle refusal– it feels like a whole new world. B

His shirt (c/o, use CARLY15 for 15% off) + My Dress (c/o)

I’m so proud of this big boy! He has almost completed his first year of preschool and it’s been so amazing to see how much he’s grown in the classroom.

We love going into town for dinner on really warm nights… and I was in the mood for ice cream so we went before dinner. It felt so fun to “break” the rules. And honestly, it might have been a parenting hack because it helped with hunger while we waited for our dinner and then we didn’t have the post-dinner dessert sugar crash!

Soaking up all these little baby snuggles!

Jack was here! One morning while I was nursing Rory in our bedroom, Jack brought me “coffee with a straw” and it’s just this little cup filled with his cars. It was the sweetest thing!

My dress

Elsa and I got together for lunch the other day and it was so nice! It was a perfect temperature day, we tried a new spot in Morristown, and got to see each other’s kids. Nothing better!

So many gorgeous peony bushes all around our neighborhood! I wish peony season lasted longer, but it’s so nice while it’s here. I soak it up and love going on “peony hunts” when I’m driving around– I keep my eyes peeled for the best ones! This house had peonies everywhere!

We went to our pond club with the boys and my SIL tagged along. We piled into my car for the trek over and, well, with the two car seats back there it’s a tight squeeze. I have an emotional attachment to my car though (I’ve had it for nine years!) and every time I go to buy a bigger car I chicken out.

Mike made his famous Seafood Sunday dinner for us (on a Saturday). So, so good! It’s like going out to a restaurant but just in our backyard.

Then one of my SILs hosted everyone for a BBQ in her backyard for Memorial Day. The kids had so much fun playing together and Rory was passed around to all of his aunts/uncles/cousins.

And we rounded out Memorial Day weekend with a big family walk through a local park!

More baby snuggles. I didn’t do nearly enough contact naps with Jack when he was tiny, so I’m taking every one I can get with Rory. He’s kind of outgrown them, but every once and a while I get lucky and find myself nap trapped!

My friends and I have resumed pickleball!! Hallelujah, it feels good to be back. Rory had to tag along this week!

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Sarah | Fewer & Better

So glad you had such a fun week! It’s nice to have your diary posts back: it feels like the OG College Prepster again.

I love a seafood dinner–can you persuade Mike to share his recipes?

Sarah | Fewer & Better

McKinlie Evans

I love this post! It’s so wonderful to see how happy you are with your family, you’re just soaking it all up! When you’re ready for a new car you should definitely start following the car mom and listening to the carpool podcast! It might make you excited for a new car.


Nothing is better than reading with a baby snuggled in your arms 🥹🥹


It’s okay to keep the smaller car! I fit three across in the back of my Honda Fit and love it. I really like being close enough to pass things back from the front seat.