Diary No. 18

Back today with another iPhone recap of the past two weeks.

Pumpkin Bagel

There’s a bagel shop within walking distance of our house that I love. Not going to lie, I almost always go just for the hazelnut coffee– which is amazing. I popped over there with Meghan before her train back into the city and decided to try a pumpkin bagel. I know, I know. It’s pumpkin everything nowadays! This was the perfect amount of pumpkin, not too overpowering at all but I could definitely taste the flavor.

Rach Martino

I was so excited that Rach was going to be at the Gal Meets Glam coat launch. I just love her so much. Like, we are a very, very unlikely pairing and different in pretty much all the ways. And maybe that’s why we click so much! Always love hanging with her!! (PS Check out her Taylor Swift project– blown away.)

Zucchini Bread

It’s that time of year!! ~zucchini bread szn~ The best part about this recipe is that it makes two loaves. Whenever I make a batch, I like to keep one and then gift the other loaf. Or, you can get mini tins and just do a bunch.

Create and Cultivate

A little mirror selfie with Taylor at the Create & Cultivate Small Business Conference. My outfit is linked here!

Needlepoint Ginger Jar

Another needlepoint project down. I am kind of addicted to it now. Every chance I get, I do at least a few stitches. Even better if I can sit down to really go to town. I love listening to an audiobook while I do it.


Guys, I bought a wig 😂 I had the itch to get my hair chopped so I thought I’d test it out before committing to a new, shorter length. The verdict? I really wish my hair was as thick and as straight as the wig. I could never get my actual hair to look this great, so maybe I’ll just stick to the wig. Or, like, just learn to live with the hair I have.

Katherine Freeman Art

I finished the “design” of our master bedroom. It’s been a labor of love with many revisions. It finally feels ready though and I’ll be shooting it soon to share on here. One little peek though. I just got back my naked girlies from Katherine Freeman from Framebridge.

Fall Day

I was outside putting things into my car and just loved how lit up this tree was. Great foliage and the sun was hitting it perfectly. Went to snap a pic and the dogs came FLYING around the corner (they were hanging on the front porch) and I caught the two of them mid-air. (Also please don’t judge the landscaping, we’re not dealing with it until after the winter.)

J. Crew Cashmere

Kind of obsessed with this low key outfit (linked here). As much as I love summer dresses (and I totally do!), there is something so cozy and easy about sweaters and jeans.

Gingham Pumpkins

I painted these gingham pumpkins. I tried to do it as a project weeks ago but just didn’t have time. The damn pumpkins were in my car this whole time. Knowing Halloween was fast approaching, I just pulled those babies out and decided to GO FOR IT. They’re far from perfect. I winged the whole thing doing the lines completely freehand. Sure it’s a little bumpy– but honestly from afar, it still kind of works.


Stacy’s here!!! She hit a sales goal at work and has PTO every Friday now, so it was the perfect time to have her schedule a trip up here. Even better with peak foliage. (Her outfit is here btw!)

Liv Breads

While she was here we went over to Liv Breads in Millburn. OMG, it’s amazing. Will 100% be going back there, frequently probably!

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Your diaries are always my favorite posts and this one was perfect. I’ve always wanted to see the east coast in the fall for real, but in the meantime, your pictures will do! I live in Michigan and our autumns are beautiful, so don’t feel too bad for me :).


Love your pumpkins!! Definitely on my list for next year when little miss is a little bit bigger 🧡. Also, I 100% agree about a simple sweater and jeans… it’s the best combo during winter.

PS – having thick hair is not all everyone makes it out to be… it’s more frustrating than not. It’s hard to appreciate our own hair but yours is gorgeous, so try not to feel so bad 🙃


The pups running is so adorable and you are almost convincing me to start needlepointing! Ps I always love these diary posts; keep them coming!


If it makes you feel any better, I like your hair better than the wig. I’m approaching 50 and I just hope I have hair left when I get there. HA!


I love those naked girlies! Question: are yours custom? They don’t seem to be listed on the site. AH I wish they weren’t sold out because I need them ASAP.
Also: I have very thick hair but it’s also very frizzy and sometimes coarse/wavy in all the wrong places. Have you ever considered getting Keratin? It’s a godsend for me and allows me to cut my hair shorter than I would be able to without it! (Seriously if I tried that wig haircut it would be a triangle without keratin!)

Grace K.

These iPhone diaries are some of my favorite posts! Also, how incredible for Stacy–what an awesome company to offer that incentive.