On My Radar

My sister is here for a few days! I’m so excited to show her around town and to just hang low. I think we’re going to do a Halloween type movie night– maybe throw it back to Halloweentown or one of the Harry Potter movies. Popcorn, candy, pizza. Just an old fashioned girls’ night in. (Isn’t that what sisters are for, after all?)

Leopard Bow Shoes

I absolutely LOVE these slingbacks!!! They fit totally true to size and are comfortable right out of the box.

ONE // What You Don’t Know About Elle Mills

Elle Mills rose to Youtube fame over the past couple of years, but it wasn’t without its trials and tribulations for her. Even if you don’t know her, this video interview she did with Buzzfeed is a must-see. She touches on pressures of social media and body image and, honestly, everyone should watch it.

TWO // Atlantic Pacific Coat

Okay, this coat is SO ME. Blair just launched another mini-collection with Nordstrom and these are some of the best pieces yet. Seriously, she outdoes herself every time. I am here for it, and so proud of her. As soon as I saw this coat, I immediately proceeded to checkout.

THREE // Wallpaper-Inspired Pumpkins

My friend Riley filmed these awesome videos with House Beautiful painting pumpkins inspired by wallpapers. I can’t pick a favorite. But okay, if you forced me to… I’d say the Scalamandré zebra is so, so good.

FOUR // How to Find a Financial Advisor

This is an excellent article about finding a financial advisor. I’ve read a bunch of other articles about financial advisors and usually find them too shallow without enough actual information or way too in-depth that leave me with more questions and even more confused. This is the perfect balance! I also agreed with everything… and having gone through the process and meeting a ton of “financial advisor frogs,” it’s so worth keeping all of this in mind during your search. It’s so important to find someone whom you trust, gets your values/goals, and makes you feel confident.

FIVE // Monogrammed iPhone Case

Now that I have the new iPhone, it was time to upgrade my case. I loved my monogrammed cases from before and wish it fit on this phone! C’est la vie. The Daily Edited finally added all of the colors for the iPhone 11 Pros– I promptly personalized a new case! I went with emerald green and a lighter green monogram.

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