Diary No. 20

A little round up of some iPhone photos from the past two weeks. ❤️

Over the Knee Boots

My only complaint about these shoes is that I wish I had purchased them sooner. They’re insanely comfortable. They’re super warm. They’re waterproof. And they make my legs look twice as long. Here’s the whole outfit.

Sunday Motor Cafe

A NEW CAFE OPENED IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD. To say I’m thrilled is an understatement. It’s a super short walk from our house and has a very inspiring, chic vibe. I’ve already been a handful of times and know that I have even more afternoon work sessions there– especially as it starts to get even colder.

Christmas Ginger Jars

I added a bunch of red ribbons to the ginger jar cabinet. I’ve since put some little red ornaments in the bowls too. I’m having so much fun decorating for the holidays.

First Fire

Mike and I have been lighting fires on the weekends. It instantly makes the house feel cozier. The first night we lit one, I told Mike that I felt like we were officially owners of the house now. Like a mini-christening of sorts. (Everything in the living room is here.)

Hot Chocolate Bar

A little sneak peek of something coming up next week on the blog. I put together a little hot chocolate bar. We’re in the midst of hosting friends pretty much every weekend and we’ve been lighting the fire and then offering hot chocolate. Kind of fun to have these extra little accouterments on hand.

Amazon Meal Kit Whole Foods

Most of the time Mike handles dinner. He’s way better than I am so I don’t even fight him on it. I do try to cook once or twice a week though. But when I’m feeling extra lazy, I pick up these meal kits from Whole Foods. I love that you don’t have to know your schedule and commit to a specific number of deliveries a week. I can just pick up one box when the mood strikes. I made these veggie quinoa bowls the other night and, omg, it was delicious.

Cake Stand Cocktail Napkins

After moving this little cake stand around trying to find the perfect home for it– I ended up putting it on the bar cart while cleaning our dining table. Then I thought it looked cute, plopped a set of cocktail napkins on top, and loved it even more!!

Choc O Pain

I went into Hoboken for coffee with Maddie. We’ve been brainstorming something together which is always fun and a nice break from my regular work. I think it helps to have someone you completely jive with creatively! I always leave feeling inspired!!

Hand Embroidered Cocktail Napkins

A set of cocktail napkins I embroidered for a friend. The Veuve bottle just about kills me it’s so cute and mini.

Ginger Jar Ornaments

I ordered these ginger jar ornaments and they are even more beautiful in person than I imagined they would be. Worth the price tag for sure– and would make an excellent gift for someone too. Here’s the table runner too.


My friend Gen inspired me to hunt for these Wedgewood cups. I have been watching them like a hawk on eBay and lost out on a few auctions. I was about to give up and found a near-perfect set of four on Etsy though! I love them!

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Oh my goodness! I have missed seeing that Whole Foods carries meal kits! Thank you SO much for blogging about this! This is one of many reasons I like your blog….it seems your readers are all in different stages of life and mine involves, at this time, running quickly into WF, Traders Joe’s and local grocery store. Looks so delicious I must look for! LOVE your Wedgwood cups & saucers! You’re all set for the holiday season!


I love these posts, Carly! You need an affiliate link for those Whole Foods meal kits because I’m sold- that quinoa bowl looks delicious!

Miriam Hall

Dying to know what’s in those veggie quinoa bowls. I’d so love to recreate. We get stuck in the same dinners over and over but this one sounds good and will mix it up a bit.

Southern & Style

All of these posts & your vibe in general is such a modern day Martha Stewart. I am SO here for it! You are just totally goals with your warm and cozy suburban life!

xoxo, SS


Dear Carly,
I am LOVING all of your holiday/winter outfits! Please keep posting them for inspiration ideas. Also, I love seeing photos of your pups-they are perfection. Happy Holidays!


Thacdsnks for sharing.I found a lot of interesdcsting inf ormation here. A really good post, very thankful anx d hopeful that you will write many more posts like this one.