Diary No. 34

Time for another round up of iPhone snaps.

I have been on a sewing spree. I can’t stop! I actually am finding it to be such a great thing to do at the end of a long day. I’ve been popping headphones in and listening to podcasts or music while I sew away. It’s very meditative and I appreciate that it forces me to focus in on the task at hand– it’s a great distraction.

If you’re looking for a relatively easy pattern for babies/toddlers, this one is SO CUTE. I made one for Julia’s little girl and three for Mike’s nieces (see below)… and making at least two more for two of my friend’s girls. The ruffles are DARLING.

Right now, I don’t care about what I’m wearing pretty much at all. I was laughing at myself in this get up but honestly? So comfortable that I couldn’t care less. A sunglasses chain + Freedom Moses sandals… quite the combo.

This striped shirt notepad sparks ALL THE JOY for me while I make lists at my desk.

The sunglasses chain again 😂 We had a perfect afternoon one weekend where it was sunny and “neutral” temperature-wise. Perfect weather for a summer sweater (this one is sold out from J. Crew). And the gingham chair from Serena and Lily is just a whole vibe. 

My little Ham bone. Our new kitchen mat! This was a gift from House of Noa (you can use CARLY10 for 10% off) and, wow, it is amazing. So comfortable to stand on. The dogs gravitate towards it big time. Every time I turn around one of them is sitting on it like it’s their throne.

Mike and I strung lights all throughout our backyard… It was quite a project as it involved ladders on mulch and uneven tree roots… But I think it looks so great!

The day after Mike proposed, we drove up for our already planned vacation with his family in upstate New York. It was just the siblings that first night and it was so fun to celebrate with them and enjoy the night! Tay and I have been really looking forward to officially being sisters (pretty much since day one 😂).

More of the dresses on Mike’s nieces! Love them ❤️

The sunsets are the best part of the day. It’s a little disorienting that the sun is still going strong after 9 pm, but it makes for very fun and long nights of games!

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Sarah M.

I love this! Do you have any go-to fabric you love for your sewing projects? Thank you!

Sarah M

Hi, me again! Never mind on my last comment …I just found your awesome post with a fabric round-up from April (not sure how I missed it)!


Carly–I’ve been reading your blog since I was 17 and you were a sophomore/junior in college–it feels like I’ve grown up with you and it’s so exciting to see you in this stage of life!! As one of the other comments said it’s like watching your older sister get engaged 🙂

Josephine Frisicano

Love the gingham chair, the sunglasses chain and the sweater!!