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Ducked away from the most wonderful week in upstate New York to write this. I just have been on cloud nine. It’s been nice to mix up our routine in a safe way and it’s been so fun to celebrate our engagement with Mike’s family. Lots of reading and lawn games this week!!

ONE // The Skate Kid’s Tribute to Black Lives Matter

This video of Kaitlyn (also known as The Skate Kid on Instagram) did a beautiful tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement. I had full body goosebumps while watching her skate. Truly beautiful and extremely talented. She’s a figure skater but looks just as amazing on rollerblades as she does skates!! I loved it so much 💛

TWO // “What’s Your Why In Life”

After I posted about finding the why, a reader sent me a link to this podcast episode with Adrian Michael Green. I thought it was a fantastic listen. While he mostly specializes in helping teens, I think the takeaways are universally applicable. It’s a quick but powerful listen.

THREE // Button Up Maxi Dress on Sale

I can’t get enough of shirt dresses all the time, but especially during the summer. I ordered this maxi dress– it’s now 60% off and I really couldn’t resist! I think it’d be so cute styled with different belts!

FOUR // Meal Plans

I’ve been following the Defined Dish for a while and somehow just realizing she does weekly meal plans? GENIUS. If only I had discovered this sooner. I hate the “What are we having for dinner?” question. Even if Mike is the one cooking 95% of the time, we still find ourselves circling this question all day every day.

FIVE // Monogrammed Phone Cases

These are the cutest phone cases ever. I just ordered this one as a matte tough case. I also think this rainbow name one is super, super fun. 

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Brigette Olmos

I’ve been doing weekly meal plans for about five years and it is a game changer. I plan our meals on Friday, we shop once a week, and on Sundays we listen to audio books while we chop and prep lunches and dinners for the week. It’s a great way to eat fresh and also produce less food waste by planning ahead.