DIARY No. 54


Here’s the past two weeks according to my phone’s camera roll.

Kodiak Cake pancakes | DIARY No.54

Mike and I love these Kodiak Cake pancakes. They are super easy to make and are packed with protein. I don’t make them often but whenever I want kind of a “treat”-like weekend breakfast, these are a go-to.

dog sunbathing | DIARY No.54

Teddy moves throughout the house following the good light. I found him in this new spot– right between our dining and living rooms– one morning and he was like, “What? I’m sunbathing?”

neck lamp for needlepointing

Please enjoy this rough shot of me before bed…. I just bought a neck lamp for needlepointing and I love it!!! It comes in handy for needlepointing and reading in bed if Mike is going to sleep. Feels so nerdy and so great. Highly recommend.

kids flower sunglasses | DIARY No.54

I gave the girls these sunglasses and they were a huge hit. Honestly they are even cuter in person than I could have imagined and super high quality (they’re polarized!).

sitting out in the yard | DIARY No.54

There are no words to describe the JOY I feel now that it’s officially nice enough to be sitting out in the yard.

I still get pretty cold, but going out with a blanket and a book or needlepoint canvas makes a world of difference on my mental health. (We have experts helping out with our grass situation, so please ignore the state of it! It was aerated and doesn’t look that great, haha!)

nightstand book collection

Anyone else’s nightstand book collection out of control? About half of these have been read (and I need to move them to a bookshelf or our little library) and the other half still need to be read. I can’t stop adding to it!

the chatham club

I rejoined my gym and I knew I missed it… but I didn’t know just how much I missed it until I was able to attend classes again. Of course, as much as I love my Peloton, there is something so nice about being in person taking your favorite class with your favorite instructor. Class size is (very) limited– only five people can attend so we can spread out– and masks are required so I feel very comfortable going now that I’m fully vaccinated.

siting outside in our backyard

I finished a HUGE piece of work unexpectedly early and let myself sit outside in our backyard for an hour this week before digging back into the next task on my list. And I brought a book out to read, and didn’t even crack it open. I just sat. Then Mike and I had lunch outdoors together which was so nice. (I think our lunches together have been one of my favorite things about working from home over the past year.)

yogurt parfait with blueberries and grapefruit

Another day, another trip to Sunday Motor. This yogurt parfait with blueberries and grapefruit was the perfect midday meal! Yum.

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It looks like such a fun few weeks! Your nieces are so so cute and congrats on making the deadline early!


I have the same light for reading at night. I’ve also been using it for diaper changes in the dark! And my nightstand is identical with books TBR plus diapers, wipes, etc.

Jessica Alvarez

I read this post right after finishing a yum breakfast of Kodiak Cakes! 😊 I love the cinnamon oat flavor. Happy Saturday!


Little Teddy playing in the grass is so darn cute – he looks like he is in heaven !!!


If you like Kodiak Cakes you should listen tot he How I Built This podcast with the founder! It was so interesting, I immediately went and bought a box to make at home!


Ooooh! Great tip! Mike and I are always looking for good podcasts to listen to when we drive. I know he’ll love this one too.