DIARY No. 58

It’s been a BUSY two weeks with lots going on! I love scrolling back through my phone and “reliving” some of the highlights to pick for this post. This week was harder than usual as there were just so many good moments. Hard to narrow it down.


flowers were starting to bloom

Almost everyone from Mike’s family was able to get down the shore two weekends ago. It was gorgeous and HOT. I’m usually freezing down by the water, but this time I was actually in a bathing suit and coverup and not wrapped under a towel! All of the flowers were starting to bloom and the dogs and I went on numerous walks taking in all the pretty flower boxes and landscaping.

couple holding dogs | DIARY No.58

I usually don’t bring the dogs with us if there’s going to be a ton of people in the house, but it was fun to have them around and they were living it up on the porch. All the people (and dog) watching for them.

hosting house dinner with friends | DIARY No.58

We had Ashley and Ryan come to our house for dinner while they were visiting NYC.

Mike cooked a great dinner and then I did a simple strawberry shortcake for dinner. (Ashley is gluten and dairy free, so I made these vegan biscuits and subbed in GF flour!) Soooo good and it tasted exactly like summer. We had so much fun that they ended up just spending the night at our house and Mike drove them into the city in the morning. I wish they lived closer!!!!

Sunday Motor local cafe

We picked my mom and sister up from the airport– they came in for the baby shower– and pretty much hopped straight to lunch. Obviously we went to Sunday Motor, my favorite local cafe. And then we just had a really relaxing afternoon of shopping and relaxing.

family hanging out in the house | DIARY No.58

Love just hanging out with them with no plans. The dogs were in heaven, too.

dinner at 54 Main

The four of us went out for dinner to 54 Main… another one of my favorite spots, mostly because their nachos are out of this world 😉

friends under umbrellas | DIARY No.58

My mom and sister and I drove into the city for my baby shower, which I’ll be sharing more about in a separate post.

We actually decided to spend the night so we could hang out with my best friend Nicole and her mom who came down from Boston. Right as we were leaving the hotel, it started to pour so we circled back and grabbed umbrellas and then scooted off into the rain for the restaurant. How cute is this photo though… Stacy and Nicole behind me, and then our moms further back totally engrossed in their own conversation. We all love each other so much and can just pick up right where we left off.

The Dutch for dinner

After the shower, we changed, power napped, and went down the street to The Dutch for dinner. It’s where Mike and I had our first date and where Nicole asked me to be a bridesmaid…. so lots of special memories there!

Bubby's for breakfast

It was pouring rain the next day, but we made it to Bubby’s for breakfast. With pancakes, for the table, of course. It’s sooooo good. I haven’t been in ages and it was just as great as I remembered. Maybe even better with a storm rolling through outside. Sadly though, we had to pack up so my mom and sister could make their flight. I dropped them off at the airport on my way home.

nursery closet wallpaper

I also got the wallpaper up in the nursery closet. And I didn’t want to do anything crazy since it’s…. a closet. I purchased this faux grasscloth wallpaper and it looks like the real, textured thing in person, with less of the fuss.

Brooklyn NY

Meghan’s birthday was this Tuesday and I took an Uber over to Brooklyn to celebrate with her! She had a little picnic in the park with pizza and cake and honestly it was a picture perfect evening!

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Hi Carly, glad you’re able to get in so much fun this Spring and Summer! Will you be posting a tutorial of how you put up the wallpaper? I am very intrigued and am considering this for my toddler, and would love any tips if that is something you are looking to cover. Thanks and so excited for you and your family! 🙂