What. A. Week. I have gone from zero to sixty in terms of socialization and I have loved every second of it. We had friends over for dinner on Friday which turned into a sleepover, then my mom and sister were in town, then my baby shower was on Sunday, we had dinner with my best friend and her mom on Sunday night before all spending the night in the city, and I went into Brooklyn on Tuesday to celebrate a friends’ birthday. This weekend we’re heading down to our friends’ new house to spend a couple of nights with them!!

I just can’t tell you how refreshing it’s been!!!!!!

ON MY RADAR 6.18.21

ON MY RADAR 6.18.21

ON MY RADAR 6.18.21

I spent some time getting the nursery in order– will definitely share more, but it is *coming together*. The wainscoting went in this week and it’s being painted next. Still waiting on the wallpaper, but other than that, we’re really close to it being ready! (Nursery closet organization all linked here; I had the Elfa closet system installed when we moved in a couple of years ago!)

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Mermaid Nap Dress

There was a new nap dress collection launch this week. While most of the colors are sold out, it’s still available (at least when I’m writing this!) in nearly every size for the mermaid print! I personally purchased the red Ellie, which sold out quickly. But I got the mermaid print in the little Ellies for our nieces– they love the nap dresses I got them last launch!!!!

TWO // Rigging the TikTok Algorithm

As you guys know, I had to delete TikTok off my phone because I found it entirely too addicting. But here I am watching videos about TikTok. So maybe I haven’t solved my problem at all. Anyway, this video was so interesting to watch and the kid who did it seems like an actual genius! Definitely interesting to watch if you want some behind the scenes of how the TikTok algorithm works.

THREE // Blue and White Floral and Bow Stationery

How beautiful is this stationery? I obviously love bows and love anything blue and white. I really don’t need any new stationery…. but I’m tempted to get a set anyway!

FOUR // “Mom Brain” Podcast Episode

My friend Kim Swales had Dr. Ilyse DiMarco on her podcast recently. She is the author of Mom Brain, which I ordered and can’t wait to read. loved the interview she did. I’ve been trying to not go too overboard on information because I don’t want to get overwhelmed (or freaked out), but I have to say I found this more reassuring than anything else! I texted it around to a few of my pregnant friends and wanted to recommend it to any expecting or young moms, too.

FIVE // Lorna Murray Hats

These are some of the most unique hats I’ve ever seen. They look like little lampshades, which sounds weird but they are darling on! You can even get one for yourself and one to match a mini me.

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Hi Carly! Do you purchase your regular size in the nap dress or size up? Can’t figure out what to order. Thanks!

Kimberley Hause-Swales

I always love to see what is on your radar. I have learned about lots of cool things over the years. BUT….I want to especially thank you for mentioning Dr. Di Marco’s book and the podcast interview. Thank you SO much, Carly. I know we both really appreciate it. I love how you boost others.