DIARY No. 60

The theme for the last two weeks? FRIENDS. I am so grateful that I got to squeeze in so much time with friends over the past couple of weeks. I know life is about to drastically change and I have no idea what to expect so trying to squeeze in coffees, dinners, and sleepovers to tide me over!

My best friend Nicole came down to NJ for the weekend! It was the perfect couple of days. Both of our husbands had trips, which we were secretly excited about for girl time. (I also told Nicole that if I went into labor she was going to have to come to the hospital with me– because of COVID protocol, who you show up at the hospital with is who stays with you through delivery! 😅 )

We could have just sat on the couch chatting the entire time, but we also did a lot of eating and swimming, too!

We went to Barbacoa in Summit for dinner one night. It was my first time going and absolutely delicious. We also went to Sorriso in Chatham for brunch– obviously had to get blueberry pancakes for the table.

One of my mom’s friends hand knitted this star sweater for baby! It’s incredibly thoughtful and the most darling little sweater… What a surprise!

Brooke (from Thorn Alexander) and I have been Instagram friends for a while and we finally got to meet in person!! She has been living in Canada and finally was able to come back stateside. I got to catch up with her while she’s on a bit of a “tour” of the country seeing friends and family! I drove into the city and we had coffee at Ralph’s Coffee on the Upper East Side… truly did not feel like the first time meeting.

And then I got to meet Sam, another Instagram friend, who lives in Connecticut! She was in the area for a bridal shower so we met up for coffee beforehand. Again… felt like we had been friends forever. I can’t wait to meet her and her kids in the city for some park playdates so soon!!! Definitely wish we lived closer 🥰

The pups got their summer cuts and they are SO HAPPY to be light and airy. With the heat we’re having, they’re much more comfortable and now will happily sit outside for hours and hours.

This cookbook was a recent purchase I made after being influenced by Melissa! Highly recommend already.

This bump…. oh boy. Just when I think I can’t possibly get bigger, I do! Absolutely wild.

Still waiting on the nursery wallpaper, but how amazing is this rocking horse?! Two of my sister in laws got it for the baby and it’s so darling.

I’m trying to take advantage of my “unencumbered life” for the time being. I’ve been sneaking away to the pond to read and swim almost every afternoon, just for a little bit! The perfect way to relax, cool off, and take some pressure off my joints!

I can’t go too long without a snack or something…. I always make sure I have the pantry stocked and a couple of things stashed in my handbag.

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OMG, love this photo of your bump! You look wonderful and healthy. Cannot wait until you meet your baby boy.


So excited for you, Carly! I’ve been reading since your early DC days, and love seeing you go through your different stages of life so gracefully!