Baby countdown and preparation continues… I keep saying to myself I am as prepared as a new mom can be prepared but that it’s OKAY to acknowledge you can only be so prepared. (Definitely getting jittery…. and a little restless!) On the bright side, it was a nice low-key week here. Mike and I are soaking up our time together just the two of us while also trying to catch up with friends, too.

ON MY RADAR 7.30.21

ON MY RADAR 7.30.21 | Car Seat Inspection

ON MY RADAR 7.30.21

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Car Seat Inspection

I crossed one big item off my pre-baby to-do list, which was to get our car seat installation inspected. Honestly…. thought it would be some low key thing where I drive up, someone looks to see if it’s installed correctly, tweak whatever I need to tweak… and drive away. It was actually so much more educational and empowering. I walked away feeling much more confident about driving with a baby. HIGHLY recommend.

While I was there there was a grandma getting her carseat inspected, an aunt making sure she was good to go to drive around with her toddler niece, and a couple of new moms. We all had different makes and models of car seats and the people from the organization were *pros* and knew the ins and outs of every seat! (PS We went with the Nuna Pipa RX and it’s been hard to find lately… there’s *some* limited stock available though from what I can tell!)

TWO // 2021 Wicker Decor Trends

Wicker has been highly, highly on trend lately. It does seem to still be on the rise, so I hope it’s not going away any time soon! Emily Henderson’s blog recently rounded up a bunch of inspiration photos for how to decorate with wicker in unique ways. There are SO many ways to incorporate it into your house!

THREE // Kule x Cover Swim

I HAD to share this amazing collaboration between Kule (the coolest stripes on the block) and Cover (sun safe swim suits!). I have a few Cover swimsuits when they collaborated with Minnow Swim a few years back, and pre-pregnancy they were my go-to. (Currently my bump doesn’t fit!) I loooooove the stripes though! Such a classic-yet-fun look.

FOUR // Simone Biles Just Demonstrated a True “Champion Mindset”

There’s been a lot of hot takes about Simone Biles’ decision to drop out of the Olympics. I really loved this opinion piece about her true “champion mindset.” Here is one pulled quote from the piece: “‘We have a fundamental misconception of what it means to be tough,’ Mr. Magness told me. ‘It’s not gritting our teeth through everything; it’s having the space to make the right choice despite pressure, stress and fatigue.'”

FIVE // Scalloped Bra

Couldn’t tell you the last time I put on a normal bra… I switched to wireless last year during the pandemic and then found them to be the most comfortable option while pregnant too. BUT, I got a Facebook ad for this scalloped bra and it’s so cute. It comes in beige and black and looks like a great full coverage option.

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