DIARY No. 62

I got off schedule with these diary posts again! Had a bunch of days to catch up on, but thought I’d still share some of my favorite highlights.

I was so excited to get the birth announcements out the door. I love how they turned out. As soon as I saw this design, I knew it was “the one,” but it definitely took me a while to pick out what photo to use!

Our first big adventure was to go for a walk in Central Park with Sam and her daughter Kit. I was a nervous wreck. It ended up being great though– Jack was happy as a clam to be pushed around in the stroller. And Central Park was peak summer loveliness. I don’t visit nearly enough for living so close. Will definitely be making return visits as the weather cools off too.

I had a great birthday! I made a list of things I wanted to “do” during the day (pretty limited considering I’m still exclusively breastfeeding and we’re not bringing Jack inside anywhere). Mike made me a delicious breakfast. I snuck out for a pedicure. Took a nap. And then Mike made his infamous turkey sandwich– it’s my favorite thing he makes and it’s become a tradition to have it on my birthday!!

Because of my acid reflux during pregnancy, I couldn’t have my favorite nachos for months. I had been craving them and we finally went out for a mid-week date night. Turns out our brother-in-law and nieces were downtown for dinner too. A fun impromptu dinner and the nachos were even better than I remembered.

My favorite part of the day has been when Jack wakes up around 6am… I love going downstairs, getting the coffee going, and nursing him on the couch while it’s nice and quiet. Great bonding! And then he typically goes back to sleep for a bit longer and I can just sit there staring at him in the bassinet with my coffee. Sasha gave me two of these Mary Frances Carter handmade mugs and they are my favorite!!!

Elsa and I got together for coffee one morning in Morristown. It was the first day with a hint of fall in the air. It warmed up by midday, but it was a glorious morning of sitting outside, eating almond croissants, and sipping on coffee.

My ring arrived much earlier than expected and it’s absolutely perfect. It’s so dainty and sweet.

Mike and I celebrated our FIRST ANNIVERSARY. What a wild year. In some ways it feels like our wedding was just last week and in other ways I feel like we’ve been married forever. When celebrated with Five Guys, champagne, and a mini replica of our wedding cake. So perfect for us.

Then we packed up and headed down the shore for a week with his parents. It was a quiet, low-key week… kind of just what we needed. I was a little nervous to leave our house, pack up the baby (and baby things), and leave our cocoon of routine. However, it was great and made me feel more confident as a mom.

Mike made a delicious lobster roll with leftover lobster meat from our dinner the night before. Am I one lucky woman? One hundred percent!!

Had to share this… Otis is Mike’s family’s black lab and he was too sweet with Jack. I posted a photo on Instagram and got back an insane number of DMs asking if we got another dog, ha!

And……. the worst sunburn I’ve gotten in years. Oh my god, I felt like an absolute idiot. I have no excuse, but I always feel so dumb when I get sunburned. It was *painful*.

Teddy and Ham have been great with the baby. Trying to spoil them as much as we can so they don’t get jealous… I feel guilty when I can’t give them as much one on one attention as I could before.

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Ugh, sunburns are the worst! I’ve burnt myself so many times over the years and still occasionally get absentminded about reapplying. I hope it didn’t stay bad long!


Hi Carly, just wanted to say thank you for sharing Jack here and on social media, he is absolutely darling. My kids are 16 and 17 now, so seeing your little guy’s photos puts a huge smile on my face as I remember them being that small (oh those clothes!) Enjoy it all, even the tough parts.