DIARY No. 72

A quick little round up of the past couple of weeks…

Olive & June sent a few of their new polishes from the spring collection. Very fun and cute!

Elsa and I went up to Newport for a conference two weeks ago. Both of us had a couple of panels/events that we were participating in so it was nice to be able to travel up with a friend. We had a lot of fun… but sadly it was freezing while we were there. I had planned to explore the area more when I wasn’t speaking. It was way, way too cold though, so Jack and I did a lot of laps around the hotel, haha.

I finally got to meet Susan from For Pete’s Sake Pottery in person and she made Jack a bunch of special pieces for Easter. The Peeps are so cute I want to keep them out on his shelf all year round.

And then once I was home, I went to an event hosted by Kate Spade in the city. It was so nice to get to catch up with friends (many of whom I hadn’t seen since before the pandemic or having Jack!). Kind of felt like the good ole days 🥰

We are also getting the tiniest taste of warm weather. I cannot wait to sit outside with Jack all summer long!!!! We will be spending as much time outside as possible. The mat we’re on is from House of Noa– the gingham is sold out but they have different versions. They are great for sitting out on grass!!

I made what I would consider the best batch of chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever made myself. Nothing comes close to my mom’s, but I won’t stop trying.

J. Crew sent along a couple of pieces from their collaboration with Liberty fabrics! A match made in heaven.

Ugh. After noticing that my anxiety was rising and I was experiencing a shorter fuse…. I made the connection that I hadn’t done a good workout in a while. I’ve been doing light movement and going to the gym to walk on the treadmill, but I could be doing more. In fact, I need to do more solely for my mental health. The more I sweat, the better I feel!!


Meesh met us in Atlanta for my book signing. It was so great to see her and we kind of made it a mini little vacation!

We stayed at The Whitley in Atlanta, by the way. It was such a great hotel experience. 100% recommend it. (I booked the room myself and have no affiliation with them, just wanted to share that we loved it!)

Another successful book signing! Thank you to everyone who came… it was really lovely getting to meet everyone. My favorite part was that people came by themselves and left with new friends 😭

My mom’s flight was a little bit before ours, so we went to the airport together. But our flight was delayed so I had to nurse beforehand. (Was trying to wait until the actual flight!) They had a Mamava nursing pod literally next to our gate and, wow, brilliant! It unlocked with an app, and you could even dim the lights and change the airflow inside??? So nice to have a clean, private space!

It was a long couple of days of travel and I walked into the house to a little cheese board that Mike set up. Couldn’t have asked for anything better.

And we visited the Cherry Blossom Festival with my sister and brother in law and gaggle of nieces. It was very, very crowded and I almost drove back home because I couldn’t find parking! Glad I kept searching for one though because we had a blast!

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Marie M. C.

Jack is the perfect preppy baby! I love seeing what he is wearing. He’s such a happy baby.


Love these roundups, thank you for sharing! Do you know where the blue scalloped plates from the cheese board picture are from? I’m looking to register for something similar! Thank you


Other than the fact that you’re holding Jack, that last photo could have been from years ago – such a timeless, classic Carly look! Looks like it was a lovely day out 🙂