The long-awaited review of the Cadence travel capsules!!! If you don’t follow me on Instagram, here’s the quick backstory. I have been getting targeted hard for Cadence travel containers all over social media. I can’t scroll through any social media apps without seeing at least one sponsored advertisement for these trendy, sleek travel containers. Did I need a solution for toiletries while traveling? Not really. Did I get sucked into the ads and made to think I needed them? YES. I decided to “take one for the team” so to speak and order some and share my thoughts on them… specifically if I thought they were worth it.

honest cadence capsules review

If you haven’t seen the Cadence capsules, they are mini hexagonal containers for toiletries while traveling. You can use the capsules instead of little plastic bottles for shampoo, for example, or siphon off some of your favorite beauty products instead of bringing the entire container. The capsules fit 0.56 oz and have a leak-proof design. They also are magnetic in three ways: the label piece magnetically snaps in, the lid magnetically snaps to the capsules, and the capsules themselves magnetically hold onto each other. You can buy them individually, as a pack of 6, or a pack of 12. You can also mix and match the colors to build your custom “honeycomb” and you can either create your own labels or pick from pre-selected labels.

honest cadence capsules review

The real kicker is that they’re pretty expensive ($14 for one, $74 for six, $143 for 12). Definitely an “investment” and it begs the question if they’re worth the price. Of course “is it worth it?” is subjective. What’s worth it for someone may be a ridiculous expense for others.

I’ll get into the nitty gritty details below, but the quick answer of whether or not Cadence capsules are worth it: For most people, I’d say that no, they are not worth it. If you’re just traveling with shampoo and conditioner and calling it a day, I don’t think you’ll be happy with the extra expense. BUT, if you’re someone with a 10-step beauty routine in the morning and another 10-step routine in the evening, I think you will love these travel containers.

My biggest takeaway wasn’t that I had a cute container for my shampoo. It was that I found myself packing every skincare product I like to use. Usually, I only bring one or two things for my skincare since the containers are heavy and cumbersome. There are some limitations to what these capsules can do (see below), but being able to bring along an evening moisturizer and a daytime moisturizer and my favorite in-shower body scrub and my favorite face mask and my go-to body lotion was a dream. I have never traveled with so many beauty products and I loved the “home while away” experience it gave me.

cadence travel containers

Additional thoughts:

– I really didn’t like having to commit to the labels. I would take your time when creating your “honeycomb.” Jot notes down on your phone for a few days of the products you use morning and night and what you think you’d travel with. This was surprisingly my biggest hangup on why it took me so long to commit! You also can’t really skip the labels since the capsules are opaque, you need to know what’s inside! I “color coded” mine so that green capsules are “in-shower” capsules and the cream are “bathroom counter” capsules. (A small thing, but I wish the font was different and not grey, too.)

– It’s a little awkward getting certain products out of the capsules, but it’s doable. You can buy little reusable spatulas if it’s a big issue for you. Some product worked better in a capsule than others, but I made it work with everything, including the toothpaste. I thought that getting shampoo/conditioner out was actually the hardest because it requires two hands to close the capsule, but I put the shampoo into my palm so it’s hard to handle– and if you put the capsule down without the lid water from the shower got in a couple of the hotel showers since they were on the smaller side.

– They mention on their site that the capsules “hold more than I thought!” I think because I had read this, I expected them to hold a lot more. Maybe I just use a lot of product, but most capsules held about a “3-day weekend trips'” worth. I naively thought they’d hold enough for a week or something! It’s not a huge deal breaker, but something to keep in mind when thinking about the type of travel you do. For example, most of my longer trips, I’m usually staying somewhere where I have access to full bottles of shampoo and conditioner, so I wouldn’t need to bring my own necessarily… but if I did, one capsule wouldn’t be enough. I also could fit six of my prenatal vitamins in one (which is only three days worth). And I like to use a lot of body lotion, so that was depleted in a few days too.

– The design is so great! I love the way they feel and the heft of them. They also look beautiful on the counter, which sounds ridiculous but I swear that’s a good bit of the appeal right? The lids twist on and off so easily and the magnets are genuinely helpful in keeping the capsules and lids organized.

– Overall, I personally am happy I have the Cadence capsules. They are definitely a “nice to have” versus a “must have,” but all things considered they’ve allowed me to bring more of my favorite beauty products with me while I travel. I also like that the capsules can be thrown into a purse or tote. (I was thinking they would be great additions to a gym bag, for example!)

Cadence capsules are magnetic, refillable containers for travel! Load them up with your favorite beauty products and toiletries.



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Sarah Sliva

How does work vis-a-vis the airline rule that all carry on liquids have to be contained within a quart sized bag? Would these fit within that?

Julia P

Thank you SO much for writing this review! I’ve done a deep dive on their website at least twice and almost purchased once, but kept getting hung up on the cost. So to read your review was super helpful, especially the part on how much they truly hold! They are without a doubt a beautiful product!


This is a great review! I’ve almost purchased these a couple times, but stopped when I had to commit to labels. I thought maybe I could DIY my labels, but then I realized I would never actually do that LOL


Yes– can be washed on the top rack, but they also rinse out VERY easily in the sink!


I love the ideas of these but WOWZA the price tag feels crazy to me! Definitely seems a little more on the luxury side. If they could pivot and make these a bit more affordable I could see them being really popular!


I am a die-hard fan of the Nalgene travel containers from The Container Store. They have wide & narrow openings along with ‘jar’ styles in various sizes- 1oz, 2oz and larger. I just use my label maker to add labels which are easily changeable. I find that the 1oz can get me about 1 week for face wash and body wash. I don’t travel with shampoo or conditioner because I schedule a pre-trip blowout.

Also- these NEVER leak and cost less than $5 each. Many are less than $2 each.

Liz Mooneyham

I have these and completely agree! But one feature I LOVE is that they are dishwasher safe! That’s a game changer for me.