DIARY No. 77 (Nantucket Edition!)

This is a “special edition” Diary post. It just so happens that the past two weeks almost perfectly align with the editorial calendar and our Nantucket trip. So some of my favorite snaps from Nantucket:

Thank god for my sister! She saved the day. I booked our car ferry/the trip months and months ago and Mike had to be in the office for a presentation. There was no way I could do the drive alone with a baby and the two dogs. I could do just the baby or just the dogs, but logistically, no way I could do all three. (I went through it a million times in my head to see if it could be possible and the answer was just no.) My sister was going to be in NYC for a friend’s birthday the weekend before our trip, so she took an Uber out to us, spent a couple of days at our house, did the drive with me, and then spent a few days on island with us!

Alllllll the Boat and Totes. My Subaru trunk is decently sized, but with golf clubs and a stroller, we needed a cargo box for the roof. It’s the best, but I find it easiest to pack “soft bags” up there. I get a lot of questions about the size of totes we have. Jack’s is the large zip-top with long handles. My biggest one is the open top XL with short handles. The small Jack one is the small with short handles. And my “normal” sized one is the large open top with short handles.

WE LOVE A HAPPY BEACH BABY. This guy has spent so much time outdoors and it’s a game changer. He’s happier, we’re happier. It 100% makes a difference in his mood. While I’m not specifically keeping track of the time we spend outdoors every day (have you seen the 1,000 Hours Outside movement?), I am trying to take Jack outdoors as much as we possibly can.

Of course, we had to make a visit to the Wauwinet for happy hour. We went early– before Jack’s bedtime– and it was the perfect way to spend the early evening. It’s also quietly a great spot to bring babies/kids if they like playing in the grass! Jack was just crawling around, having a blast– and we all got to enjoy some cocktails and appetizers with a beautiful view.

Stacy and I did some shopping in town together. Had to pay the Hill House store a visit… and wouldn’t you know. She’s officially a member of the “Nap Dress Nation” now. She got the black Ellie and the black Ophelia– both looked amazing on her.

Juice Bar, a must. People always ask if it’s worth the hype and I can say, honestly, yes. Anyone who says it’s just for tourists is just trying to play it cool 😉 The cones, the ice cream. Both are the best.

Before Stacy’s flight, we hit up Cisco Brewery– always a must-visit too. We went early to have a low key afternoon and it was perfect. Lobster rolls, raw bar, French fries, and beer. What could be better? The best part was that we discovered that Jack loves lobster.

Mackenzie and I got our boys (!!!) together. It was so sweet. And, of course, we had a matching moment in Minnow.

It was so fun to be there while the hydrangeas were blooming. The first day we pulled off the ferry, they were just starting to pop and by the time we left two weeks later they were POPPING.

We went to the beach at least once a day… most days twice though during his wake windows. Absolutely the best. Nothing tires him out like a day of sun and sand!

Need the best doughnuts on island? Go to Nantucket Bake Shop. Trust me. They’re all great, but the blueberry ones are my favorite.

The beaches were packed. Never seen it that crowded!

Georgie is the best. We met last summer when she took our maternity photos and I have to say, she is the real deal. Such a great woman inside and out!!

‘Sconset is just next level gorgeous. A totally different vibe than Town and just so, so beautiful.

Happiest beach baby.


I was quite sad on the ferry home. I wasn’t ready to come home at all… we have some great summer plans coming up, but I look forward to this Nantucket trip so much and it’s always a little disappointing when it’s behind us. Officially counting down until our return 😉

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Love the photo of the three of you on the beach! What a wonderful memory for all! Makes me want to find my own ‘happy place’ for me and my family.

Jules Buono

These are cute AND helpful. We spend one day a year on Nantucket and were thinking of renting a car this year to see new spots. Would love to hit up Cisco and Sconset!


Just noticing how lovely your smile is looking! Is it just the genuine joy of life or the Invisalign?! Gorgeous!

Susa Lister Locke

Nice post!! Next time you must come to my Jewelry Gallrry
Susan Lister Locke Gallery at 28 Easy St. Lots of very special Nantucket pieces as well as other custom made Joolz!!


I’ve always wanted to visit Nantucket! We travel to New England just about every summer since we’ve been married and have been to Cape Cod, but never to Nantucket. We’ll have to check that out one day!


These getaway posts are the best. I hope when I finally have a family I can be as organized as you in arranging these things.

Would you talk about family traditions in the way of vacations? My husband and I have been discussing this a great deal lately; we essentially want to keep going to the same places, at the sames times each year to create pleasant family trip memories.


So glad you can afford to vacation here. In the 60s and 70s my family (locals from MA mainland) could too. Alas, you missed out on the true character of the island in those days. No SUVs, no traffic jams, few luxury chain stores, lots of bikes, cheap seafood.