We are (sadly) back home after a wonderful little family vacation. I was not ready to come home, but our journey back home couldn’t have been smoother. It’s quite a trip when you bring your car to Nantucket (you have to take the slow ferry and you have to dock on the Cape), but we made it home in record time!!! I immediately dove into unpacking and got laundry started right away. Felt so good to be back in our bed!!

Here’s what has been on my radar lately:

ONE // “Don’t Shrink to Make Anyone Else Comfortable”

A few weeks back, I recorded a podcast with my friend Viv. We met YEARS ago when we were both living in NYC and I’ve just continuously been blown away by what she’s accomplished. I was so honored when she asked if I wanted to be on her podcast…. I forgot to share it on my blog when it came out, so sharing it now! Better late than never 😉

TWO // Kindle Page Turner

I saw this on TikTok and HAD to buy it. It’s a Bluetooth powered page turner for your Kindle. The ultimate form of laziness in kind of the coziest way possible. Basically you clip the thing onto your Kindle and use the remote to make the product “click” the page so you can read without having to hold the actual Kindle. (You can also use it as a remote to take photos with your phone, too.)

THREE // Julie Andrews Breaks Down Her Career

This is a GREAT interview with Julie Andrews breaking down pivotal roles in her career. I could just listen to her all day long!!! She is such a treasure.

FOUR // Sweet Potato Kale Salad

I saved this recipe to make. Still have not made it, but it’s on my list! Wanted to share it with you guys if you’re also looking for a filling but healthy meal option. Would make a great lunch or dinner option!

FIVE // Lobster Bibs

I have been dying for a classic seafood bake. We have some friends visiting in the next couple of weeks so maybe we’ll do it then… or with Mike’s family when we’re at their lake house later this month. Do we need embroidered lobster bibs? No. Am I obsessed and want them though? YES.

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I have the page turner for reading on my iPad and loooove it. Also a great accessibility/mobility hack, too! 🙂


Loved the honesty and vulnerability in the podcast episode! Was such a good listen and definitely inspiring to have followed along with your mental health journey for so many years. I remember reading your blog when I was 13 (22 now) and hearing you talk about having “bad tapes”, which I totally didn’t get as a kid but relate to now and it’s awesome to see your growth since then!