Fall Cozies

It has been chilly here. I don’t know if it’s the pandemic time warp or what but I don’t remember it getting this cold, this early?! We had a few days in a row where it was in the 30s (albeit high) every morning and I was *this close* to turning the heat on. (Our heat is on a different system though so I was trying to avoid because once we commit, we kind of commit for the season.) It was a lot of walking around in Ugg boots and layering with sweaters and robes.

I also couldn’t for the life of me find my favorite winter slippers– which I hadn’t used since probably April. I thought I knew exactly where they were in my closet, but lo and behold they weren’t in the spot I thought they’d be. (After a few days I decided to recheck and, yep, they were in there but layered in between two totes I had nested into each other. Whoops!!)

Fleece Jacket* // Blanket

Turtleneck // Cardigan

Slippers // Mini Ugg Boots

* I just bought and received this fleece jacket and it is ~insane~. It is soooooo comfortable and cozy. 10/10 recommend. You won’t regret it!!!

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Yep, it’s been colder than usual. Heat is on here in Vermont. And our leaves are turning about 2 weeks earlier than expected.


I can’t wait for it to cool down — it’s been in the 80s and 90s where I live!!! I am really thinking about where I might live after finishing college and honestly the weather is playing a role; I miss having actual seasons!

Joanna M

That jacket looks amazing! Any comments on sizing? Not sure if you think regular J. Crew sweater size would be best or size up?