A sweater with jeans is my go-to fall uniform! It’s easy to put together, an outfit I know I’ll be comfortable in all day long, and I can’t overthink it. So if you’re looking to refresh your sweater collection or add a few new styles to your rotation, these are my five essential fall sweaters.

Cardigan Sweater // My obsession with cardigan sweaters has only increased over the last couple of years. They’re easy to wear yet elevated, and I love their versatility since you can wear them both ways. Plus, they’re nursing friendly, which isn’t the case with most sweaters, making them an easy option for new moms. I cannot resist– they’re just perfect.

Fleece Turtleneck // I don’t know what I would do without these fleece turtlenecks during the colder months. They are so cozy, and I wear them on rotation during the fall and winter. I love the oversized collar for crazy cold days, but I’ll roll down the collar a lot of the time to create more of a boatneck effect.

Oversized Waffle Turtleneck (c/o) // This specific sweater was a new addition to my closet this year, but I already can’t get enough of it. It’s slouchy but chic and looks effortlessly put together with leggings and tennis shoes for traveling or a busy errand day. I love the drapey sleeves and waffle cashmere knit– it’s so comfortable.

Cashmere Crewneck // A cashmere crewneck has been a staple in my closet for years! Not only are they incredibly soft and luxurious, but they instantly elevate your outfit! This one has the perfect classic tailored fit, and I like that it’s light enough to comfortably layer under jackets and blazers or wear on its own with jeans.

Sweater Blazer // A sweater blazer is one of those miracle wardrobe staples that work in countless ways. It’s relaxed and not as fussy as a true blazer but still structured. I’ll usually throw it on over a tee with jeans and flats, but there are many ways to style it. It’s such a good workwear staple!


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Why wouldn’t you disclose that you received the Alex Mill cardigan and Everlane turtleneck care of? Did you receive a discount or type of compensation for the others? I love your style and follow along, but this is my biggest critique of you and basically of most other bloggers. it’s hard to evaluate your opinion of an item if you obfuscate your interest in promoting it.


I actually find Carly to be extremely conscientious and transparent with her sponsorships.


I don’t know if have a favorite season to dress in, but your fall and winter looks (especially with the sweaters) are always chic!


I wish J. Crew would bring back the old pocket tunic sweater. I bought one years ago after seeing your post on it. I found a second a few years ago on Poshmark. Most definitely my favorite sweater style.


Carly, can you talk a bit about how you care for your cashmere sweaters? I know J Crew says you can hand wash, but I’m wondering if people really do that? Who has the time?! No judgment if you just take them to a cleaner, but I’m curious what real people do with these more delicate items. I and everyone in my network of friends avoids fussy materials like this, but I’m trying to elevate my outfits, plus go with more high-end quality.


Do you wear anything underneath your sweaters (I.e. a thin t-shirt)? If not, how do you keep your sweaters nice/free from deodorant stains/etc. so you don’t have to wash as often? I’ve meant to ask this question for a long time bc I never know what to wear under my sweaters.


I bought a few Numi tees and long sleeves just for that purpose. Great for sweaters and silk blouses. They’re a bit expensive but it all evens out because they make your shirts last longer. I also love Uniqlo heattech for the winter. I have many (many!) and wear one every day.